What You Should Outsource and What You Can Do Yourself 2023

Tech Tasks: What You Should Outsource and What You Can Do Yourself


Outsourcing certain tasks can boost productivity and free up owners and in-house employees for other responsibilities. However, when you are a small business owner, it’s not financially prudent to outsource all tech-related tasks. Instead, you need to pick and choose which ones are best to outsource and what you can take on yourself. Generally speaking, tasks that need high value expertise or specialized skills that aren’t consistently used by the company should be outsourced. Before we explore those, let’s take a look at some tech tasks you can typically do yourself.

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Product photos and promo videos

Numerous business tasks can be handled easily from your smartphone, if you have a capable device. For example, you can shoot high-quality product photos and promotional videos right from your phone. The quality of smartphone cameras these days is exceptional. For example, check out the iPhone XS Max; in addition to its amazing camera, this phone features impressive battery life to keep you connected longer, and a huge screen so you can view business documents and other pertinent online information with ease. The iPhone’s Face ID is very secure, allowing you to safely sign into accounts and keep all your business data safe. If you prefer an Android phone, the Google Pixel 3 features an incredible camera and comparable battery life.

Basic accounting

If you are a new or small business, it may not be time to outsource your accounting quite yet. If you have basic financial knowledge, you can use low-cost software like QuickBooks or even free platforms like Wave to keep track of income and expenses, invoice clients and accept payments, and run financial reports. You can handle all the day-to-day accounting yourself and just enlist an accountant to look over your books every quarter or twice a year.

While some tech-related tasks can be handled yourself, several others should be outsourced.

IT infrastructure and support

You don’t need to hire experts in-house to handle your IT needs. Instead, use a cloud service where you can access IaaS (infrastructure as a service). This way, if you need more server space, processing power, or other infrastructure, it can be quickly scaled up and delivered over the internet. The same goes for IT support. You should outsource it to a managed service provider (MSP) that can deliver the technology services you want based on your organization’s needs.

App development

Creating a customized app for your business is not a task you want to take on yourself, unless you are very well-versed in this area. Outsourcing to a freelancer or a firm specializing in app development will allow you to more quickly create an app that meets all your requirements, goals, and features. Furthermore, according to Webisoft, outsourcing mobile app development can cost less than hiring an in-house team.

Digital marketing strategy

Just because you know your way around Facebook doesn’t mean you should handle your digital marketing and social media strategy. You should hire a qualified freelancer or outsource to an agency to find someone who grasps all facets of digital marketing, including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, and other components. A digital marketing expert will be able to analyze your business, customer base, competitors, and goals to develop a strategy for measurable outcomes and growth.

When your business is growing, it’s often tempting to hire more and more employees in-house. However, many tasks can be performed yourself or outsourced to freelance contractors or specialized agencies, rather than taking on the cost of hiring full-time employees. Outsourcing is a cost-effective way to make sure various tech-related tasks are getting done right. Analyze your needs, your limitations, and your budget to determine which tasks you can do yourself and which you should outsource.

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