35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes 2021

35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes

If you like to create an online profile, magazine-style page, or other kinds of content-focused websites, this list of the best WordPress Lifestyle Themes gives you lots of options. All of these themes feature sleek and modern designs that will cater to your target audience to ensure your website and its material. Such designs all include several models for the posts you’ll be posting on your site, as well as fun dashboard layouts. As well as providing you with pre-constructed material, all these WordPress Lifestyle Themes make you to some extent customize your website. While some themes keep it simple, simply allowing you to modify the colors and fonts used on your blog, others include drag-and-drop page builder software and comprehensive control panels that enable you to alter nearly any part of your website. All the WordPress Lifestyle Themes in this set, however, are completely mobile-friendly to ensure everyone can reach the app, irrespective of what type of device they use. So if you’re searching for a theme that will help you view your content in the best possible way, this list of modern WordPress Lifestyle Themes is sure to find a suitable alternative.


WordPress-Lifestyle-Themes - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

Do you ever hope to be an influencer? Or perhaps you are a fitness trainer who dreams of a forum of his own? You arrived in the right place instead! With the aid of the modern food blog platform, WordPress theme becomes as simple as pie to reach your goals. There are a solid number of ready-to-use widgets waiting for you.

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Wellspring - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

Wellspring Live a Safe Lifestyle! Wellspring gives you a large set of models including those for meditation and yoga, complete with 12 captivating homepages specially designed for fitness and wellbeing businesses. Power up your website with awesome features and plugins–Wellspring is fully compatible with The Events Calendar, BMI Calculator, Timetable for WP, bbPress & more. This caref

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Authentic - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

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Rima - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

Rima is a sleek & stylish blog theme, which can give immersive browsing experience for your followers. Rima’s polished blog theme & beautifully balanced pages make it an ideal WordPress template for almost any blog form. You can build your posts with real fun of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

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Hawthorn - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

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Shout - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

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Matilda - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

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Soledad - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

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Blggn - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

See Bloggin’, a beautiful fresh-faced blog & WordPress theme for creative people. The style is uber professional, smooth and elegant, with a minimalist interface that’s clean and extremely easy to customise. For almost any need, the theme provides great user experience and is suitable to fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, craft and many other creative blogs.

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CheerUp - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

CheerUp is a theme of luxurious design options, designed to be excellent on blogs of all kinds and minimal magazines. Not only are the built-in modern design options aesthetically pleasing, it is filled with more than 1000 + possible combinations of layout ideal for blogging and stylish magazines.

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Fallsky - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

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TheGem - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

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Noemi - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

Noemi–is for all fans of beautiful design and versatile features pure and simple wordpress blog theme. Noemi is designed to accentuate individuality and to concentrate on blogger innovation and freedom. To further highlight all the Noemi benefits we have added custom slider, custom colors, instagram toolbar, featured categories and many other features that make Noemi strong

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Marni - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

Marni is a premium, sensitive WordPress theme dedicated to bloggers around lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel. Designed to capture the essence of everyday life, from the commonplace to the exceptionalThe theme’s elegant, clean and minimal layout is crafted to present your beautiful content in an unobtrusive and laid back, yet stylish manner.

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Humble - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

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Kloe - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

Show Kloe your fashion hand! This sophisticated theme, designed to suit everyone in the fashion industry, is all you need when running a fashion business, lifestyle blog or model agency. Kloe is filled with a wide range of portfolio types that are suitable to launch the models, highlight fashion brands, ventures or services. This theme also comes

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Succulents - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

Why are you meant to have Succulents? Okay, there are untold explanations for that. For one, everything you’ll need to build an incredibly healthy lifestyle, diet & wellness website is packed! Free with the theme comes WordPress plugin Timetable Responsive Calendar, which allows you to create beautiful timetables for your events with ease. All the templates in Succulents were also simplified for

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Noemi-1 - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

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Roslyn - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

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Buzz - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

Fully compatible with Gutenberg, compatible with GDPR policy, self-hosted Google fonts, Adobe Fonts (Typekit) integration, 2000 + home page variations, unlimited styles support, header styler, 9 built-in header layouts, 40 posts and page layouts, built in categorized image gallery with 2, 3, 4 columns and integrated lightbox, 18 custom widgets, features 8 post formats: Standard, Gallery Slideshow,

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1-2 - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

Piemont theme is one of Themeforest’s quickest, cleanest, and esthetically sensitive WordPress blogging themes with help from WooCommerce.

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Broden - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

With any questions or comments you may have, please feel free to contact us-you are the reason we’re here! We welcome some constructive feedback and even people just to say hello

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Fit Coach

Fit-Coach - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

Health Coach–WordPress theme can be used both as a website for personal life coaching and for any other reason. With this finished style, feel free to create your own Website. Health Coach WordPress Theme is made for personal life coaching, health, lifestyle & wellness. This theme is perfect for coaches, trainers and those who need a simple one,

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Norway - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

The Norway theme focuses on readability, mixing clean design with outstanding user experience. Designed to stay out of the view of readers and let the content do the main job. The theme will encourage visitors to continue reading, with generous spaces and large, legible fonts.

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HolaLady - 35+ TOP WordPress Lifestyle Themes [year]

We have built this detailed WordPress theme focused on in-depth research into the field of fashion, lifestyle and personal blogging to offer everything you’re looking for from a blog website. HolaLady is a premium Fashion, Lifestyle and Personal Blog WordPress theme, tailored to your needs and to the expectations of

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