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35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins 2021

35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins

Comments have been an important part of the WordPress platform since it was forged fromb2/cafelog in 2003. While there have been several changes to comments in the backend of WordPress to help reduce abuse and enhance comment moderation, the frontend message type has remained unchanged since WordPress was released. Readers wanting to post their feedback on the WordPress platform are still faced with four fields: Post, Title, Address, and Platform (optional). The standard WordPress form is functional, but it lacks many features. For example, it does not allow comments to get email updates and log in using their favorite social media service. That’s why many WordPress blogs are removing or expanding the Wp comment form. In this blog, I would like to share with you what we consider to be the top WordPress Comment Plugins for the Themes.

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Comment System

WordPress-Comment-Plugins - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

CommentPress is a small but powerful WordPress Comment Plugins that allows you to quickly and easily insert, edit and delete comments. CommentPress uses Ajax, jQuery, and PHP to add comments to what you don’t need to reload the page.

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Advanced Comments Widget

Advanced-Comments-Widget - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Discussio, an advanced widget that gives you full control over the output of your comments. This widget replaces the default WordPress Comment Plugins and enables the user to output all the arguments typically seen in the wp list comments) (function.

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Engager - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Engager is a commitment booster for WordPress posts, comments and theme forums. With Engager you can add unlimited reaction emojis choose from over 35 built in emoji icon or upload your own svg or png icon, Engager comes with in depth analytics you can an overall idea how your site users and visitors feel about your content. Also you can control who can vote and who can see reacted users.. Check our demo for live try

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Hotspots with Comments

Hotspots-with-Comments - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Let the visitors create image hotspots. Your visitors can create hotspots and leave a comment on the images on your site. To create tool-tips or annotations, create custom hotspots yourself.

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Comment to Access

Comment-to-Access - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

This plugin’s main concept is to hide part of your post/page content(wrapped by the shortcode [restrict] and [/restrict]), so visitors need to unlock it by leaving a comment, and receive an email after that.

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Facebook Plugins

Facebook-Plugins - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

This WordPress Comment Plugins is the main and most versatile plugin for incorporating Facebook Plugins, Dialogs and comments on Facebook into your blog or website. It uses WordPress shortcodes to make adding a Faceboo very simple

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Groups Restrict Comments Pro

Groups-Restrict-Comments-Pro - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Please rate the element after you’ve tried it. If you have issues, please let us know before you offer a low rating. Many problems have usually an easy solution and we ‘re glad to help you. Your feedback is important so that improvements can be made according to your needs, and suggestions are always welcome!

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Everest Comment Rating

Everest-Comment-Rating - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Everest Comment Rating is an Ultimate WordPress Plugin that adds functionality to like, dislike and react to the default WordPress comments. You can use the inbuilt react / like / dislike icons or upload your custom icons. Integrating comment rating

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LB Advanced

LB-Advanced - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

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Admin comments statistics

Admin-comments-statistics - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Admin Comments Statistics is a plugin that allows WordPress website administrators to see detailed statistics and user comments and information. The plugin is really easy to use and install. With ACS you get: quick view of recent activity in comment,

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Comment Pinner

Comment-Pinner - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Comment Pinner is a most needed and most awaited WordPress plugin. It let’s admin pin comment to top. You often want a single comment on your post or Woo-Commerce shop to stand out from others and seems prominent than others; Comment Pinner does it quite easy. It emails the comment author when his / her comment is featu

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Engager-1 - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Engager is a booster of engagement for WordPress posts, comments and theme forums. With Engager you can add unlimited emojis reaction choices from more than 35 built-in emoji icons or upload your own svg or png icon.

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TS Thinkbox

TS-Thinkbox - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Thinkbox is a simple way of showing people, staff, team and customers comments or information. Best suited for showing testimonials to clients and displaying information to team members.

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Forum based

Forum-based - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Forum based on comments convert your comments in a discussion forum. Put in a post type page (page) a shortcode, this will make the last comment of your site is displayed, the form is displayed in a forum type. This will make your comments otherwise see, possibly calling more attention of your readers to see your comments and to respond.

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Better Recent Comments Widget Pro

Better-Recent-Comments-Widget-Pro - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

This plugin offers an innovative toolbar, allowing you to show your latest comments in any sidebar widget.

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Voice messages form for WordPress

Voice-messages-form-for-WordPress - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Contacter is a WordPress plugin for any website designed for voice feedback forms. The plugin enables you to go beyond the usual text messages and forms of contact and get closer to your users. The plugin adds a voice recording button to any convenient place on the site. This can be useful for reviews, order comments or any questions

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Protect Comments Pro

Protect-Comments-Pro - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Protect Password Comments. If you want to hide your blog posts ‘ comments and show them only to those who know the password; this is probably the only plugin that can help you achieve this!

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Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed

Facebook-Instagram-Twitter-Feed - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

WordPress Social Stream Plugin — Flow-Flow is a premium social media plugin that embeds social feeds and WordPress posts into beautiful sliders or responsive grids. Showing user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to add social proof as well as improve the online awareness and revenue. Make Flow-Flow any combination of social feeds! You might have Facebook feed, Instagram feed and Twitter, for example

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Metro Most Commented

Metro-Most-Commented - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Is a wordpress widget that shows the most commented posts using a CSS style near the “metro style” in the sidebar. Link to posts with Metro buttons and link to comments.

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Comment Word Filter

Comment-Word-Filter - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

WP Comment Word Filter is a small smart plugin that does one thing, filtering some words from the comments. Setting it up is super simple – simply specify which words you would like to filter in the settings page and that’s all there is to it. Do not waste your time, moderating constantly!

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No Cookies

No-Cookies - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

This has the downside that, as they come to your site, WordPress will recall the regularly commented material and always have it updated without the users having to register.

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1-4 - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Birdo is making comments on WordPress stronger and more social. It allows your users to comment with a tweet, spur the conversation on and at the same time promote your website.

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BsReviews - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Make reviews! Choose Review scores from Stars, Percentages, Circles or Points. Supports Unlimited Color Schemes at Retina Display.

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Ajaxer - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Looking for a better way to load your website links, without page refresh? You need to dynamically load your page? This is the solution that suits you. Your site will appear more swiftly and immersively.

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Commento - 35+ Top WordPress Comment Plugins [year]

Commento provides simple actions to create tickets from comments added to your website in your favorite customer support platform.

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