Top 5 WordPress plagiarism checker plugins 2023

Top 5 WordPress plagiarism checker plugins


Plagiarism turns into a very difficult situation when writers do not pick the correct set of tactics to deal with it. Not having enough information about this problem automatically exposes you. The example of high school students is a related one. They do not know how to produce original content and end up getting trapped.

WordPress is a simple but incredibly innovative platform for developing websites. Plugins can be added to the home page for various purposes including content scanning for plagiarism. Are there limited options for plagiarism checker plugins? The answer to this question is no. It is an incorrect perception if you think that all plugins work properly and cause zero disappointments.

Here are the 5 highest-rated WordPress plugins to handle check copied material.


1.    Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker plugin


This plagiarism checker has a stunning reputation and it is not without concrete reasons. It is one of the very few tools that are free and reaches the highest quality scale. Users do not have to spend any money even if they use the tool a thousand scans.

  • This tool generates a complete plagiarism report to elaborate on where you need to make corrections. It is not possible to rewrite content if you are not aware of the copied areas. Through this compressive post-scan output, you can know about the “exact phrase matches” in the content. These are the areas that have not been rephrased at all so writers have to be extra careful about them. You can easily download the report in PDF format and view it offline.
  • Complete set of plagiarism checking features are offered without exhausting the user. To start with, you need to upload the file which requires scanning. All commonly used formats including DOC and PDF are supported. Other than that, text can be selected from the original file and pasted in the given text box. After that, you can begin the scanning procedure by clicking the “check plagiarism” button. The content checking is not selective and no parts are ignored.
  • Using a plagiarism checker plugin means you need the scanning to be completed quickly. This tool is incredibly quick which proves to be helpful with large word counts. Students who work on academic papers are usually dealing with thousands of words. They look for a tool that does quality plagiarism check without any ignorance. The plugin detects copied information on time before the content is published.


2.    Free Online Plagiarism Checker Word Press plugin


This WordPress plugin provides state of the art plagiarism checking features for writers with diverse profiles

  • Article writers always face a tough competition to produce top-rated content and improve the rank of a website. Content should only be published when the writer is sure that the originality is 100%. This checking option is efficient so users do not have to think about copied phrases getting submitted.
  • It is a delightful experience for academic writers and students when they have access to a free plagiarism checker. The access to this plugin is completely free so countless papers can be checked in a comfortable and convenient manner. It can be added easily to any WordPress website and detects plagiarized material on an instant basis.


3.    WordPress plugin for CopyScraper


With this impressive plugin, you can check plagiarism presences through your dashboard. It is a free option so users do not have to think about facing financial burdens.

  • There is no point in using a WordPress plugin that does not offer a guarantee of detecting plagiarism. However, this specific one is backed by a robust software development platform. It has an advanced algorithm that checks each content part. Even if a few lines are copied, the writer gets to know about them.
  • It is suitable for all categories of writers particularly the ones working on research submissions. As they have to spend more time on arranging facts, sufficient span for checking plagiarism accurately is not available. This plugin is the perfect problem solver for all types of copied content complications.


4.    Plagiarism Checker Pro Plugin


This tool is commendable and its plugin can be added without any trouble to a WordPress Website

  • The checking application does not come with a cost. Its usage is free which is why it would suit you whether you write articles or prepare web content.
  • It is a troublesome task to detect plagiarism particularly if you have to work with tight timelines. At times, writers get stuck because more than 60% of the total duration available is spent on checking uniqueness. This state of the tool completes the same in seconds.
  • What kind of performance does this tool deliver? In the case of content uniqueness, even the smallest errors can lead to large-scale problems. One of the many benefits which users get is 100% efficiency. Once the content has been checked using this plugin, be rest assured that it is free of plagiarism.


5.    TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker plugin


This plugin comes with 100% customization and can easily be added to a website designed using WordPress. Here are some other key features.

  • This tool is completely free so the usage is not restricted to users who can buy paid tools. Particularly when it comes to students, they have very restricted financial budgets. Thus, affording expensive applications is not a possibility that exists for them.
  • If you talk about usage, it is not limited to a certain classification of writers by any means. It will work for you whether you write dissertations or blogs.



A lot of writers have a complacent approach when it comes to dealing with plagiarism. They do not use the proper software to check things which creates trouble for them. A good quick way to detect copied material is by adding a reliable WordPress plugin. It allows you to check and detect plagiarism through the dashboard. Most of these plugins are customizable.

The important factor here is that you need to pick a plugin which would not cause any kind of disappointments. Picking one of the top five alternatives listed above is better than spending time on searching and comparisons.