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Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes 2021

Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes

Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Templates

For today owning Bestselling a gorgeous and eye-catching website is a regular thing. All the famous people or brands already know about the benefits of online projects. Still, the technologies of website creation continue to develop. Therefore, now everyone is able to run their website. What is more, it will not be just a boring and primitive online page. Using the ready-made templates, you can set up an exclusive and unforgettable site for your needs. That is why, in this post, we have prepared for you a new list of top 20 flagship and best-selling templates. Would you like to launch a worthy online project just in a few days? Flagship In this case, let’s move to these top-notch products!

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Before we start, keep in mind that all these incredible templates are from TemplateMonster. The company works with all the well-known platforms. You are able to view out WordPress themes, Joomla themes, Magento templates, Shopify themes, MotoCMS products Flagship… And these are just to name a few. Thus, don’t hesitate to view out more ready-to-use best-selling templates!

Monstroid2 – Groundbreaking and Incredible Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, Monstroid 2 is a real leader Flagship among the multipurpose products, so it allows you to set up any kind of online project. What is more, using this groundbreaking best-selling WordPress theme, you can launch as many sites as you want. Finally, price-quality rates may surprise you and soon Monstroid 2 will be an inherent part of your internet business.

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62222-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

EasyJet – Unusual, Light, and Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Still looking for an unusual and light template to build Flagship your own bunch of websites related to different business types? In this case, don’t miss EasyJet, which provides its owner with a rich UI kit to style the online project. Opening the pack of this best-selling WordPress theme, you will find anything you may need and even more!

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65626-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

Construction – Soft and Easy-to-manage Building Company WordPress Theme

To start with, this soft and easy-to-manage WordPress theme uses drag-and-drop functionality to let you build new pages without trouble. Therefore, the only action you need to perform is choosing the needed design elements and putting them to the editor. Needless to say, you do not need to learn how to code or have any special skills to do it.

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61152-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

Intense – Well-organized, Calm, and Multipurpose Website Template

Basically, you gen build any kind of website, as this well-organized and best-selling template is a truly multifunctional product. Moreover, you can design it the way you want because Intense has an unlimited package of colors and skins! In summary, there are 500+ HTML files, 10+ templates for eCommerce, 2000+ icons, 20+ portfolio templates, and much more!

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58888-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

Starbis – Immersive and Beautiful Business Website Template

First of all, Stars provides you with multiple blog templates to choose from, so you can become closer to your prospects. Secondly, there are more than 100 HTMP files you can easily work with to build your go-to online project. Thirdly, this best-selling business WordPress template was based on Bootstrap and provides you with a lightning-fast speed.

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60047-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]


Brave Theme – Colorful and Multipurpose HTML Website Template

As you can see, Brave is a best-selling HTML website template that provides a user with a unique and colorful design. There are 100+ HTML pages and 150+ UI layouts to help you to get a desired online project just out-of-the-box. Without a doubt, all the pages and elements are changeable, so you can work with them without trouble!

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62466-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

Jumerix – Wonderful and Multipurpose Best-selling Joomla Theme

Talking about Joomla products, Jumerix is a real must-have for those users, who dream of owning a classy online project. This wonderful best-selling theme is totally responsive, so your site will work great on any device a user uses. With it, your prospects will not meet the limits of time or place that makes visiting your business website even more comfortable!

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60060-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

Jedi – Top-notch and Powerful Multifunctional Joomla Template

Unquestionably, Jedi is another best-selling Joomla template that is certainly worthy of your attention! This top-notch template comes with 40 ready-made pages and 45 .PSD files that were thoroughly pre-designed. What is more, this powerful and multifunctional theme is cross browser compatible, so you can forget what browser testing routine is!

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62226-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

Eveprest – Minimalist PrestaShop Multipurpose Theme

Now it is time to view out the products from PrestaShop and Eveprest is the best way to show their beauty! Initially, this multipurpose theme provides its owner with a comfortable navigation that allows to keep the design clean. At the same time, using different widgets, you are able to showcase tones of information with the help of Eveprest!

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59555-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

imPresta – Stylish and Attractive Multipurpose PrestaShop Theme

Needless to say, imPresta allows you to create as many projects as you need! Still, this stylish PrestaShop theme is the perfect tool to get a worthy website related to fashion industry. There are a lot of categories in the package of imPresta, so you can sort your content without a hitch.

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63555-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

Art Worker – Unforgettable and Strong Online Art Gallery PrestaShop Theme

Originally, this unforgettable best-selling PrestaShop theme is your ready-made solution for the creation of an art gallery. Thus, a professionally created design of Art Worker will help you to get a brilliant first impression. Also, there is social integration that will get you more traffic and will attract new users to the online project.

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62011-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

Magetique – Hi-res, AMP-Ready, and Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

At the outset, this hi-res product is another leading theme that was extremely popular during 2017 thanks to its rich package. With the help of Magetique, you can build a site, related to lingerie, medicine, cars, bikes, furniture, etc. Also, the theme comes with AMP that allows you to create a light and really fast mobile version of the site.

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62000-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

Jewelrix – Ace and Voguish Magento Best-selling Theme

To start with, this ace Magento template has Newsletter popup that will help you to notify the audience of all the updates. To say more, there is MegaMenu plugin that allows you to create the menus of any complicity. Such step will not just improve the visual look of your website but will improve SEO as well!

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58903-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

Woostroid – Gorgeous, Popular, and Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

In a word, this gorgeous theme was created for online sales that makes Monstroid a powerful tool to manage an online shop. The theme comes with Live Customizer that allows you to see all the changes live, so you will not have to resave them. Furthermore, there is a handy Drag-and-Drop Layout builder that will reshuffle and arrange your content in a few seconds!

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63000-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

SportLabs – Intuitive Sport Nutrition WooCommerce Theme

Before all else, SportsLabs has multiple content modules that allow you to add various content types and work with them. Therefore, opening the package of this best-selling WooCommerce theme, you will see a lot of buttons, tables, images, sliders, etc. Without a doubt, all of them will be rendered automatically to fit the device of your visitors.

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61158-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

Skyline – Dreamlike Business, Dentistry, Architecture & Travel Moto CMS 3 Template

It’s no secret that these days SEO is the thing every website needs, so Skyline Flagship will help you to get it! This dreamlike best-selling MotoCMS 3 template comes with the code that meets all the modern SEO requirements. As a result, your website will be noticeable for the search engines and there will be more visitors to find the site.

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63777-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

StoreFlex – Strikinly-colored and Eye-catching Multipurpose OpenCart Template

Beforehand, this eye-catching multipurpose OpenCart theme contains a new layout Flagship builder that makes website building an easy thing! Secondly, this best-selling theme is RTL-ready that allows you to enlarge website’s audience at the drop of a hat. Finally, there is a comfortable product catalog, clients categories, and other cool things to assist you!

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61111-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

Multifly – Attention-grabbing Multipurpose Shopify Theme

To make a long story short, Multify has 15 home pages with various Flagship sections that are fully customizable. With it, using this attention-grabbing Shopify template, you will get collection list, blog articles, gallery, and much more. In addition, this best-seller comes with a rich logo list that allows you to make the site even more professional.

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63842-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

2018 Pitch Deck – Exclusive and Best-selling PowerPoint Template

Honestly speaking, although the internet is the biggest Flagship source of new facts, real-life presentations still matter. For these simple reasons, we recommend you to view out this exclusive PowerPoint template.


65606-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

Steve Cadey – Recent & Trendy Music Event PSD Best-selling Template

To finish with, we have for you this trendy best-selling Flagship PSD template that is just perfect for music events. It includes all the premium plugins, eCommerce functionality, readable web fonts and fast and friendly technical support. What is more, there is Event Manager with tickets selling functionality to save your time and the time of your visitors.


64851-big - Top 20 Flagship & Best-selling News Themes [year]

For now these are all the Flagship groundbreaking best-sellers we have for you. Needless to say, all these products have much more features to look at. That is why we recommend you to open their demos and see detailed information.

To finish with, don’t forget that last autumn TemplateMonster became a popular digital marketplace! Therefore, you can sell your work on their site and make good money. Are you ready to introduce your art? In this case, don’t miss the boat!


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