TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace: The Best Place to Buy and Sell Templates?

Over the last few years, ready-made templates have enlarged their influence on web designers and developers. Thanks to them, completing a bigger number of custom projects turned out to be easier. Business owners are also getting interested in various website templates. As you can understand, their popularity is increasing rapidly. For this reason, it is no surprise that people are searching for the best marketplaces to purchase some high-quality themes. One of them is TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace. However, not everyone knows that it is also an incredible place for authors to display their work.

Many newcomers in web-development do not know where to sell their ready-made solutions. A massive number of experts in programming desire to get more income channels. From time to time, it might be hard to opt for the most suitable platform to do this. It is crucial to follow the right way when you start selling your assortment of web-design assets to a big audience.

Our task is to explain why TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace can become your perfect choice. Many authors have already boosted their reach, widened their horizons, and placed lots of products into the buyer’s hands. Below, you are going to find many details about this resource and characteristics that distinguish it from others.

How Did TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace Start Its Journey?


Nowadays, an impressive number of people are ready to rely on the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace. When it comes to buying ready-made solutions, they are always sure of their high-quality and perfect support. However, nothing of these was served on a silver platter. The team needed to apply effort to become so popular and trustworthy. Before speaking about this resource as a place for authors, we want to turn to its history.

  1. TemplateMonster was born in 2002.
  2. It took this resource one year to become a leading provider of HTML templates. In addition to this, it got an affiliate program in 2003.
  3. In 2004, the team replenished its inventory with the first eCommerce templates.
  4. It was possible to count more than 10,000 digital items in 2005. People also got a chance to visit a MonsterBlog Post. It is still working and providing the audience with the latest news about web-design and other relevant spheres.
  5. 2006 initiated the beginning of the WordPress era on the site.
  6. It was possible to download more than 20,000 website templates in 2008.
  7. The number turned out to be 30,000 in two years, in 2010.
  8. Several localized versions of the website appeared in 2014. Thanks to them, an international audience started paying more attention to TemplateMonster. These were people from Spain, Germany, and Russia.
  9. In 2017, TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace went on the stage. In other words, many independent authors from all corners of the world started to submit their templates.
  10. In one year, in 2018, TM Studio appeared. It is a service that helps those who are not very familiar with programming to build the desired site.
  11. Then, in 2019, the team announced its original subscription service called ONE by TemplateMonster. It gathers the best web-design assets from the marketplace. These include templates, plugins, stock media, graphics, and other items. Furthermore, it has a free plan that enables trying some functions of the paid subscription. Thanks to it, you have the freedom to download presentation templates, certificates, HTML templates, and other products.
  12. In 2020, independent authors uploaded more than 20,000 digital products to the marketplace.

TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace: Should You Become Its Author?


These days, web-designers and developers are not constricted to only one resource where they can share their talent. New-generation marketplaces give amazing opportunities to sell ready-made solutions and drive additional sales. Each of them its demands and benefits. Without a doubt, TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace is not an exception. For this reason, we decided to share a list of the main characteristics that you need to check out. You should certainly consider them before joining this resource as an author.

What Factors to Take Into Account Before Joining TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace?


  1. First of all, it is crucial to say that TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace accepts a wide range of digital products. You can visit this resource right now and look through its assortment. As a result, it will be possible to see dozens of categories with the most popular items. Keep in mind that it is not an issue if you cannot find your types of products. In this case, you are always free to communicate with the team and send your request to them. What types of products can you start submitting immediately? These are CMS themes for WordPress, MotoCMS, Joomla, and many others. Moreover, you can upload a bunch of eCommerce templates for WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and others. It seems to us that we have already mentioned a section with graphics. As you can understand, you can share your logos, fonts, resume templates, backgrounds, patterns, and other assets. Remember that TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace has more than 82,000 digital items and 1,500 independent authors these days. Get ready to join them.
  2. The marketplace is constantly searching for different ways to improve the marketplace for authors. As an example, it is effortless to get the money you have earned selling your templates. A payout system will not arouse any questions. In the beginning, you can also get in touch with the team that will help you to submit your first products.
  3. Another way to communicate and ask for assistance is to visit an author’s community on Facebook. Here, you can speak with experts and learn from their experience. Do not forget about turning to amazing guides that explain all the related processes.
  4. It is also worth mentioning that you can upload a limitless number of items. After this, make sure to add them to the ONE Subscription. Thanks to such a move, your audience will broaden and bring you more sales.
  5. After submitting your products, a review team checks them as quickly as possible. If some of your assets require changes, it will explain all the problems. Thanks to this, improving your skills and making better products will turn out to be possible.
  6. There is also a bonus program for authors. Let us imagine that you have some friends who create a bunch of ready-made solutions. In this case, you can send them a special link to register them as new authors. Then, you will get a commission for every friend who joins the marketplace.


Commissions on the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

  1. TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace allows selling both exclusive and non-exclusive products. However, you are going to receive different commissions for them. Selling your assets only on this marketplace will bring you a 50-65% commission at the start. Choosing multiple resources to share your work means that your commission will start at 40%.
  2. Your commission will grow depending on the number of sales. As a result, it can reach 65%.
  3. Graphic designers will be happy with the fact that their commission will be 65% no matter exclusive or non-exclusive items they sell.
  4. Shopify and OpenCart authors get a chance to use an author-driven pricing policy. In other words, setting the desired prices is possible for them. Keep in mind that they need to start at $29.

An excellent way to boost your commission is to join an affiliate program that we have already mentioned. It brings 30% to every sale if people make a purchase using your unique referral link. As a result, TemplateMonster Affiliate Program can provide you with a 95% cut.


A Few Words in Conclusion

Without a doubt, many digital marketplaces want to partner up with talented authors. In our opinion, putting your products on the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace is the right thing to do. A great commission rate, quick reviews, support, and many other advantages are waiting for you. It has already helped many authors to step on a brand-new path that brings them only success. We are pretty sure that you are one of these people who want to achieve impressive heights. For this reason, you can try joining this marketplace and diversifying your cash flow. We hope that you will manage to realize yourself as an author on this highly-popular resource. Thanks for reading!