34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume 2021

34+ Important Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume

Humans love myths. A digital resume is a powerful tool in telling the story of your career experience, which gives you the opportunity to explain how you work, show how you solve problems and offer a deeper understanding of who you are as an individual. Preparing a healthy, entertaining, and captivating resume online is a key to success. So if you’re looking for great themes to present your resume to potential customers, businesses, or just to wow your new neighbor, here are some Special Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume that can be used by job seekers of any sort.


Portfolio-WordPress-Themes - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Ease of designing and running your website. Salient provides a highly customized version of the popular WPbakery Page Builder plugin featuring a fresh new gui. Salient offers the ultra-high quality samples that are all accessible with one button to import. Whether you’re a filmmaker or an organization, Salient will drive your online presence to a new level. Each feature & model available at Salient is carefully planned and designed to ensure the maximum level of detail possible.

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Brooklyn - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Brooklyn is a popular WordPress theme with 45 pre-built websites in 1 click, trusted and loved by over 30,000 users worldwide, for any purpose. Small outdoor exhibition urban confident video game hotel building resumes modern professional lawyer technology project design compact development personal workout consultancy operations landing quick sushi restaurant company burger marketing.

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Kalium - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Potassium is great for your Portfolio WordPress Themes, Photographer, Travel Agency, Enterprise, Business, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Hotel, Health, Architecture, Wedding, Bookstore, Law Firm, Brand Landing, School, Automotive (car dealer) platform or just a Post, all you can do is build with Potassium.

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907 - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

907 Parallax Portfolio WordPress Themes is very flexible with great options and apps, perfect for many uses(Aerial Image, Portfolio, Bakery, Tattoo, Taxi, Lawyer, Legal, Photographer, Company, GYMS, Freelancer, Gym, Exercise, Education, Sports, Building, Construction, Builders, Roofers, Barbers, Hair Stylist, Beard Trimmer, Spa, Games, Product Launch, Resumes, Single House, Home Selling, Realtor, Designer, Drones, …

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Brando - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Brando is a completely modern one-page WordPress theme, rich in functionality, beautifully built, fully customizable and multifunctional. It offers multiple eye-catching portfolio and profile formats as well as coming page to highlight the designs, news and other material in the near future. The WPBakery Page Builder–a widely used, premium, drag & drop enabled, fast content editing tool is integrated and included free of charge in the theme to help you create and manage content on website pages without touching the code.

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Empathy - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Empathy is the Reformer way to represent your identity online. The innovative interface and elegant nature of Empathy can demonstrate what interested eyes have to do. It has plenty of customization options that you can change to fit your style in minutes without any difficulty.

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Kerge - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Kerge Resume / CV / vCard / Portfolio WordPress Themes— a premium platform for your own promotion. Designed to look amazing on any platform–from widescreen to handheld. You can easily and quickly build any website, portfolio project or blog post without encoding using the Full Fledged Drag & Fall Website Builder.

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Glitche - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

CV / Resume WordPress theme–Glitche is a state-of – the-art, tidy theme with a beautiful feel. It has lots of wonderful apps that will help you build a web presence. Includes Different configurations, Dark & Light mode, Unlimited skins in color, RTL support, One & Multi page and Flexible Template Builder.

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Personage - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Personage is a stunning resume style, mixing state-of – the-art web technologies with sleek, modern design. Nearly all of the components are professionally animated so it brings a live look to your website and your guests can love visiting your website even more. Live animation + your inspired resume will make the future special! With our sample material, you can easily create your resume page, only import it using theme settings and substitute your content with ours!

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Blanco - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Blanco is a creative resume and portfolio template. It is based on Twitter Bootstrap and made to show your resume (education, work experience, skills, etc.), portfolio and blog in a wonderful way with an unique and beautiful piece of design. It uses the amazing plugin WPBakery Page Builder to create the pages and the portfolio items. Enjoy this theme!!.

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Picard - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Picard – vCard & Resume WordPress theme Is fully responsive online minimal vcard WordPress theme, useful about and resume pages of information, web page with functioning contact form and google map.

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Sam Martin

Sam-Martin - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Sam Martin is a lovingly crafted Elegant, Simple, Modern and Private WordPress website for talented and professional people who want to highlight their portfolio and their resume in a great modern way.

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Massive Dynamic

Massive-Dynamic - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Massive Dynamic comes with most powerful WordPress website builder. Featuring the new web technologies, fun Ui and the best developments in architecture. Massive Builder provides a platform that enables you to easily drag and drop components, select designs and immediately see the outcome… You can literally create a whole website in minutes!

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Ivery - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Es all you need to build a beautiful website in minutes. It also comes with a truly Responsive Framework that will majestically scale and view on all modern devices today including desktops, computers, smartphones, or tablets.

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ShiftCV - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

ShiftCV is a progressive, intuitive & innovative Resume, WordPress theme portfolio with a personal blog. It blends simple and clean architecture with solutions for new, vibrant & polished show.

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RyanCV - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

WordPress Theme Resume / CV / vCard–RyanCV is best suited to authors, designers, engineers, freelancers, photographers, coders, producers or any other careers. With versatile RyanCV and all of the ready-made templates and components: Various formats, Dark & Light mode, Unlimited color skins, RTL support, One & Multi tab, WooCommerce Ready and Flexible Template Builder–it should no longer be difficult to create online resume and CV websites.

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Resume - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Perfectly suited for positioning knowledge about your background, qualifications, programs, employment, jobs, prizes, expertise, customers, testimonials and pricing, suitable theme for any kind of career as well as artistic studios and businesses. Simple, functional and structured construction of products, and versatile code that is well commented on.

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Creative - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Certy is a new standard in the field of CV and web resumes. With the first touch, clean and beautiful eye-catching material design can attract your future employer. SEO Friendly, semi-correct and w3 true coding and creative first web creation can enable you improve the internet curriculum. Flexible and strong admin panel and exclusive apps can help Certy render you exclusive and innovative.

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Mak - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Mak is an elegant and lightweight WordPress theme with a personal portfolio. Based on some new, sleek, innovative, modern and exclusive templates, it can be used for personal portfolio, resume, online cv, vcard and even as digital agency portfolio platform. This includes a variety of styles, and you can choose between a light and a dark color scheme on each of them, or you can simply create your own theme and resume parts within minutes.

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Me - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

I’m a one-page WordPress profile & multi-page CV / Resume style for author, maker, freelancer artist, photographer & can be used for personal pages. Ideally organized and instructions for naming properly so you can easily access things and change them according to your needs.

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The7 - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

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unRovr - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

UnRovr reflects the online identity by a reformer means. It’s special style, and seamless transitions demonstrate what interested eyes you have to search for. It has plenty of customization options that you can tailor to match your style with no hassle in minutes.

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Identity - 34+ Portfolio WordPress Themes For Resume [year]

Identity is a specific vCard resume WordPress theme that suits every profile, resume websites or portfolio websites. If you have a personal creative design office, personal web creation office, start-up office or any other personal business so your preference is name. On the other side it can be used as a landing page for a product or service.

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