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34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes 2021

34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes

When you are a speaker who needs a blog with a professional look to promote your online services, then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to the elegant options in this collection of the best WordPress speakers, you’re sure to find the right solution here. All of these themes include at least one complete website prototype speaker which can be easily imported into your WordPress dashboard. Nevertheless, many of these designs come with several samples, allowing the website even more choices. It doesn’t matter what kind of events you’re talking to, or what kind of speaking services you’re offering, these themes are varied enough to cover almost every type of project. Be sure to check out the theme samples to see how your design could look when it comes to finding the best option for your app. It is worth remembering that since these themes all operate with page builders if you need to, it should not take a lot of effort to modify the pre-built material. But, as these designs include some amazing WordPress Speaker Themes demonstrations, there is a good chance you’ll find a template that’s ready to go.

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WordPress-Speaker-Themes - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

It’s a versatile WordPress Speaker Themes and personal trainer style for modern life/business coaches and trainers, social counseling practitioners, wellness experts, and motivational speakers.

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1-5 - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Presenting Everlead, a contemporary theme specifically designed for all websites such as life coach, speaker and business. Get stunning layouts to showcase your coaching or speaker events, business and more. You do get 3 paid packaged modules for free! Get Everlead, a straightforward inspired theme –to offer you a fantastic new website.

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Eistruttore - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Want to build an awesome WordPress Speaker Themes platform for Life Coaching / Professor or Teacher? Sick of the patterns of research and evaluation? Choose the ONE consult theme that you can use to create the website you like.

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DotLife - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

WordPress theme DotLife is a sensitive WordPress Speaker Themes created specifically for life coach, host, trainer, professor, teacher, consultant, tutor etc. Constructed for LMS and online business instructor & speaker management courses. DotLife supports responsive layouts built especially for business coach & website speaker so it looks great on al

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Eistruttore-1 - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Want to create an amazing WordPress theme website for Life Coaching / Instructor or Teacher? Sick of the themes testing and assessing? Choose the ONE theme you can use to completely consult to create the website you need.

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BeTop - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

It’s a powerful WordPress coaching and personal trainer theme for modern life / business coaches and trainers, individual psychology therapists, fitness consultants and motivation speakers. BeTop WordPress theme includes several flexible tools to highlight your work and identify your services. It has an intuitive visual interface and an informative layout that looks great on any platform, because it is fully responsive

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Life Coach and Speaker

Life-Coach-and-Speaker - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Presenting Everlead, a modern style specifically designed for all websites such as life coach, speaker and company. Get stunning layouts to showcase your coaching or speaker events, business and more. You also get 3 premium plugins bundled for free! Get Everlead, a clear motivated theme–to give you a superb new website.

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Coaching - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Speaker & Life Coach WordPress Platform (Coaching WP) is a stunning, versatile and multifunctional WP platform for speakers, mentors, trainers, therapists, and coaches. The overall goal is to support people and companies in the coaching sector find it possible for the globe to market their speeches, programs and consultancies. Coaching

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LifeGuide - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

LifeGuide is a bright and attractive WordPress theme created for life coaches, personal coaches, website mentoring services or consulting company by our professionals.

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Speaker - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Speaker is a professional, easy-to-use WordPress one-page music theme. It is highly customizable and easily, ready for all devices, and easy to set up. Either you’re a musician or not, to show and advertise your work online, Speaker provides all the tools you need for your band or label.Speaker can of course be used for any other reason and also serves multiple purposes

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Life Coach

Life-Coach - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Life Coach is a basic WordPress theme that would be an ideal solution for a personal life coach’s website. The theme has user-friendly and elegant interface design, tons of buttons and a WordPress customizer feature that allows you to make improvements in the blink of an eye to your web site.

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Evently - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Prepare for this year’s event with Evently, a modern event and theme conference, ready to rock! Packed with 9 amazing homepages, 3 premium plugins and a wide array of layouts created specifically to showcase speakers and events, Eventually has everything you might need for a great website. Speakers launched and information exchanged

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GenesisExpo - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Preparing a business event or conference online or offline, and wanting to gather more members and guests? Organizing a Summit on marketing? You’re a top-level business coach and you want to be a professional promoter? Our theme at GenesisExpo is a

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Evenz - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Construct any website for events, with countdowns and event maps, pricing plans, speakers, venues and more. Fully customizable including 14 + paint pickers, 4 text pickers, emblem uploaders, fresh graphic effects and 12 ready-to-use models for homepages. 7 Days money back guarantee, no questions placed

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Xpo - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Welcome to Xpo -an awesome WordPress company conference and event platform that has everything you need to set up an incredible website! It comes with outstanding nine homepages that are just perfect to showcase every single aspect of your business conference, exhibition, event etc. Xpo has a really wide range

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Religionis - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Religionis–A strong WordPress theme with a robust, beautiful and practical interface that is simple to use. Religionis is an ideal choice for Community, Hospital, Educational and Non-Profit Websites. This theme has been developed with a native layout and includes all the design elements and functionalities typical of this branch.

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ConferPress - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

WordPress theme ConferPress is useful for Parties, Card, Program, Meeting, Host, Training, Business and Shopping. This multipurpose WordPress theme is rich in functionality but very simple to use

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Strollik - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Strollik is a WordPress theme devoted to and available for a single product. Based on WooCommerce, it is great for online single-product shops including coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, massages, skateboards, smart bottles, drones, wallets,

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Evnt - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Evnt is the perfect WordPress theme for any type of festival, conference, summit or event. This easy to customize theme allows you to quickly start a great website for an event. Evnt offers the complete package for managing talks, speakers, venues, tickets, sponsors and everything else necessary to run a seccessful event.

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Event, Conference

Event-Conference - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Emeet is a well-designed, responsive, and fully usable WordPress theme for flexible conference and event website. Specially built for conferences, events, seminars, exhibitions, congresses, meetings, business conferences, project management, group websites, this extremely flexible theme. This Event theme can also be used for any type of occasion purpose.

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XEvent - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

XEvent is a WordPress framework focussing on event organizers. Designed especially for conferences, congresses, meetups, workshops, summits, startups, seminars, courses etc. XEvent supports the most used online ticketing systems. Eventbrite, Eventzilla, Tito, Ticketleap and much more. XEvent contains special page templates for events such as conference party, event end, city information, coming soon etc.

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Sport Center

Sport-Center - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

WordPress theme Sport Center is convenient for Parties, Card, Course, Training Centre, Instructor, School, Company and Shopping. This WordPress Multipurpose theme is rich in functionality but very user friendly.

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NeSOS - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

NeSOS is a beautiful multifunctional WordPress WooCommerce theme built with Bootstrap and the Elementor Page Builder. This topic suits all kinds of eCommerce, shopping, online shop, furniture store, fashion store, cosmetic store, accessories

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Blogman - 34+ Nice WordPress Speaker Themes [year]

Blogman is a Minimal WordPress Personal Blog theme comes with very beautiful color and design and it has the ability to suit the needs of every blogger, plenty of flexibility utilizing theme choice.

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