35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates 2021

35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates

CSS HTML Website Templates is a pre-built website that helps you to fill in the blanks and build a website in only minutes. Someone who doesn’t even know how to build a website can have a website with certain models that are professionally built. And if you’re upgrading your own website or searching for your clients, here are some Best CSS HTML Website Templates created by professional web designers and developers with proper thoughts on a person’s future intent for a website.


CSS-HTML-Website-Templates - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Intense is a prototype for a completely interactive, multi-functional website. It comes basically filled with everything you need on your website. It’s extremely scalable and creative, thanks to its clean design and stylish style. Additionally, you can quickly tweak the prototype to match the brand image perfectly. Intense will increase your revenue exponentially as well as draw more clients to your website.

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Metronic - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

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Canvas - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Canvas is a Multi-Page, Responsive & Direct Multi-Purpose & One-Page HTML5 Model. With this Design, create whatever you want. Be it Business, Corporate, Medical, SEO, Travel, Construction, Real Estate, Media Agency, CoWorking, Recipes, Articles, Packers & Movers, Photography, News, Non-Profit, Conference, Courses, Rentals, Hosting, Gym, Music, Barber, CV / Resume, Cafe, Spa, Pets, Portfolio, Agency, Magazine, Parallax, Wedding, Christmas, Restaurant, Blog or App Showcase, just everything is possible with Canvas. We had 100

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Sartre - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Need a new sleek website to kick-start your company or current business? Sartre is a modular, well designed framework providing a range of specific ideas, blocks of pre-design, a bunch of components and plugins. Build a unique and solid website that functions well on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Eight - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Eight, a basic but beautiful prototype for the CSS HTML Website Templates, built with great enthusiasm and crafted with great care. Whether you’re a artist, illustrator, small agency or some other artistic individual who wants to stunning in showing off his or her job, Eight is designed for every platform and will draw tourists staying on your web.

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Umbrella - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

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Them - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

They’re a lightweight HTML portfolio or project style showcase. They have awesome portfolio influence & it’s super simple for consumers to use this style. This theme is ideal for exhibition photography or some form of project show. Although almost most everyone focuses on the homepage only, Them understands the need of individuals to have different designs for different pages of their sites. We do have all the inside pages and single post-coming pages built according to the theme

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Tentered - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Tentered is a multi-purpose HTML5 framework built and created for websites for businesses and portfolios. It is entirely flexible prototype built on Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 platform, which allows it readily accessible to smartphones for all screen sizes except the larger ones. Its not only responsive whereas it is retina ready also, now no blurry images on your HiDPI and retina devices.

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Lydia - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Lydia is the most comprehensive sensitive photography and magazine HTML5 Model with different portfolio and blog choices perfect for blogs to provide enticing newspapers and for designers, musicians, design companies, multimedia galleries, writers, personal freelancers and any sort of company owners who would like to beautifully display their portfolio.

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UNITED-1 - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

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Pheromone - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Pheromone is a modern multi-purpose, streamlined and easy-to-use, lightweight and quick launch, multi-page and one-page html design for simple and beautiful company or personal website creation. Built for artists, programmers, writers and citizens with innovative ideas. This template has emphasis on content and different elements for multipurpose use and it is perfectly suit for companies, creative agencies, personal portfolio, creative minds, blogging and for landing pages as well. Pheromone is amazing solution for portfolio websites which you can fit for freelancers, photographers or agency showcase.

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Snow Tour

Snow-Tour - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Snow Tour is the base of FamousHTML for every Winter Tour. To someone planning ski resorts, travel tours, snow tours, spas, saunas in houses in snowy lands, this prototype is a perfect alternative. Skiers, snowboarders, entrepreneurs with the right kind of company would be involved in that.

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Blanka - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Blanka is a beautiful one-page HTML5 prototype, which is perfect for every company, portfolio which design agency. It’s flexible and simple to use. Blanka is completely sensitive and on every screen type it should look great: laptop, notebook and smart devices.

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T-ONE - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

T-One–Innovative & intuitiveHTML5 models with simple and lightweight architecture appropriate for every workshop, business, portfolio, personal artist, graphic designer. Driven with Bootstrap Software for Twitter. It can be customized easily to suit your wishes.

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Haswell - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Haswell is a cross browser-compatible, retina-ready, responsive HTML5/CSS3 prototype with touch support featuring a simple, innovative interface that is genuinely multi-purpose prototype ideal for a wide range of websites. Using this design lots of customizations are available that will help you redefine the brand identity on your website.

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WOOW - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

WOOW–Responsive Shopping Bootstrap Model is a stylish and sleek template–perfect for selling clothing, footwear, high wear, men’s footwear, women’s fashion, cosmetics, computer, children’s, watches, jewellery, children’s apparel, furniture, sports, equipment… It has an automatically entirely flexible width change to each panel size or resolution

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Absolute - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Absolute is a new HTML5 Prototype for Real Estate and Leasing. It helps you to conveniently build your own website for the real estate industry. Offering the highest customizability and user experience is based on Bootstrap platform. Absolute template comes with ready to use layouts for different real estate directions such as real estate agency, property rental, single property, realtor website, properties listing, real estate broker, properties directory and other. Absolute propert

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Seabird - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

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Nord - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

NORD is an incredibly basic site design, with more emphasis than anything else on the material & project layout. You can set up your website within minutes, the interface is clear and lightweight. This HTML5 prototype includes multiple landing pages definitions as well as increasing mix & design choices for the portfolio. Don’t skip the demo on live

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Petri - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Petri is a innovative, modern, lightweight and completely sensitive early / under development prototype ideal for any innovative individual, company, organization, portfolio, etc.

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Canna - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Canna is a portable, special Html5 design. Designed with the best principles in UX in mind. This design is focused on a completely flexible bootstrap grid system that fits well on all mobile devices. Canna is best designed for corporations, design firms, start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, personal accounts, innovative minds and landing pages. All the code is well commented, and you can easily create any website only by merging the pieces. 6 Colour predefined

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Gilbard - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Gilbard Gaming Bootstrap 4 Prototype is a new, elite class design. It looks great on any type of platform or screen size because of its simple, clean design. This sensitive design is utter for gaming items such as Xbox One, PS4, Root, etc. Gilbard is driven by innovative technology and animation that are both creative and user-friendly. This Bootstrap 4 prototype is going to give you a fantastic user interface. This design prototype comes with 6 Different Home Versions along with Maximum 20 + HTML Pages, 1 Landing Page, Bootstrap 4.x-based, Using Slick Slider, Responsive.

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Isuzu - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Isuzu is great for showcasing the vibrancy of your work in a sleek and elegant format. Multi-purpose models may be used for a number of uses, such as: profiles, companies, writers, web / graphic designers, apparel designers, and many others. Based on several shortcodes available, you can easily create a website with complete functionality, Limitless color, Team member, Custom built 2,3,4 columns.

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Galliope - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

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Clymene - 35+ NICE CSS HTML Website Templates [year]

Clymene is a full and flexible HTML framework that is ideal for artistic collections, from writers, freelancers and artists to hotels, commercial stores and travel agencies. If you choose to show a series of plays, inspirations, goods or services, this multipurpose framework covers every aspect.

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