25+ Important WordPress File Uploader Plugins 2022

25+ Important WordPress File Uploader Plugins

For many websites and apps, downloading files is quite a common task. You may need to attach a file upload option to your WordPress website so that as they send their application to you, you may receive different types of documents and media from site visitors. So here are some Important WordPress File Uploader Plugins that will help you get files from your user.



Say hello to the most common Dropbox WordPress File Uploader Plugins! Outofthebox is a creative WordPress Dropbox integration app that is user-friendly, highly customizable and shows your Dropbox data in a beautiful way. No need for coding skills!

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Closify Press


Closify is a WordPress File Uploader Plugins with comprehensive image storage and processing features, consisting of frontend & backend management panels where you can use them to create unlimited numbers of image uploaders and use their configuration, shortcodes, special wordpress functions to easily upload custom pictures to your website. Administrator can upload multiple / single images

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Drop Uploader


CF7 Drop Uploader WordPress plugin helps you to attach efficient Drag & Drop File Upload field to your Framework, which was built using Contact Form 7. You can add multiple file upload areas for one form, set the maximum amount of files for each field, maximum size of file and type of file for each. You can email downloaded files to your folder as mail attachments, links to Dropbox, or import them and give them back.

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Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms File Upload UI enables you to improve the user interface for uploading Gravity Forms file by default.

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Let your consumers conveniently import files directly from the product page of bought goods. With a simple and easy to use Ajax drag & drop container, WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader plugin allows customers to add one or more files to the product page.

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Drag and Drop


Let your consumers conveniently import files directly from the product page of bought goods. With a simple and easy to use Ajax drag & drop container, WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader plugin allows customers to add one or more files to the product page.

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Sometimes you just want to let users with the “contributor” defined user role upload images as they write blog posts. This plugin automatically gives contributors the ability to add media when it is activated. This is a lite plugin, perfect for someone who is only interested in modifying this one role / capability in which case a larger plugin of roles and capabilities would be overkill.

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Google Drive


Say hello to Google Drive / Google One app’s most famous WordPress! Use-your-Drive is a revolutionary Google Drive compatibility plugin for WordPress that is user-friendly, highly customizable and shows your Google Drive data beautifully. No programming expertise required!

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Filetrip makes it easy for autopilot data to be transmitted from WordPress to the internet. Filetrip can send copies to multiple destinations of your preference as users upload data. You can immediately import data from anywhere in the world to Google Drive, Dropbox archive, or FTP storage… plus a lot more. All this is occurring in WordPress automatically, but totally under your command.

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Attach any consumer folder, cart, purchase, thank you and/or order pages info! Display images, add extra prices, charges, and much more!

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Arfaly Press


It can be small or huge files that need to be uploaded–about several gigabytes in size. Default upload can struggle in such situations, as browsers are still unable to handle it properly. We cut the pieces of data and submit them one by one. Then you can store them securely on the database and merge them into the original file.

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Slim Image


Slim Image Cropper for Gravity Forms (versions 1.9+ and 2 +) enables users to attach images to the forms. The appropriate aspect ratio and production width of the uploaded images can be specified, Slim must insure that all uploaded images follow the defined specifications. Ideal if you need your users to upload to print photos of a particular size or proportion such as profile pictures, reports or reference images.

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It app is an simple way for users to upload material to their website. A set of shortcodes are used by the plugin to allow you to create highly customizable submission forms for your posts and pages. Once the content is submitted, until you approve it, it will be held for moderation. It is so easy!

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Simply put the shortcode [ wordpress file upload ] on any WordPress page / post or add the plugin widget to any sidebar and you can upload files to any directory within your WordPress site’s wp-content.

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Easy Upload


This WordPress plugin is free software: as released by the Free Software Foundation, you may redistribute and/or change it under the provisions of the GNU General Public License, whether version 2 of the License or any later edition.

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