50+ Great Examples Of WordPress BeTheme Theme in Action 2023

50+ Examples Of Websites Using WordPress BeTheme Theme | Most Flexible Multipurpose WordPress Theme

BeTheme WordPress theme is the greatest item we’ve ever produced. This is more than just the theme of WordPress. Such sophisticated panel options and tools for building Drag&Drop offer infinite opportunities. We have developed 15 thematic pages to demonstrate to you how the theme operates so you can see how incredible this item is. ThemeForest’s BeTheme websites examples, No words can describe it. You have to see that! BeTheme wordpress theme with various pre-built websites so you can readily import any demo website with 1 click in seconds. We are constantly adding fresh demos on demands from users. We have developed websites for: electric, veterinary, credit agency, charity agency, sitter, moving company, barber, health magazine, book writer, plumber, art agency, interior design company, webmaster, application, SEO agency, university, event firm, developer, rental car, band, gym, designer, marketing agency, hosting company, travel agency, real estate company, photographer, renovator, small.

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The other functions included in BeTheme wordPress theme:

Responsive and Retina-ready, including Revolution Slider.
Multiple possibilities for colors and styles of Google Maps.
Maintenance mode and blank pages–can be used until you are prepared to launch your website.
A search tool can assist you discover products more quickly, even acknowledging the icons.
Improved performance and velocity due to decreased information being saved and transmitted.
Optimized for search engines and velocity.
Ready for RTL and WPML.
Compatible with WooCommerce, MailChimp, W3 Total Cache, Buddy Press, bbPress, Yoast, Form 7 Contact and Calendar Events.

We’ve selected 50+ Best Examples sites using WordPress BeTheme:

Phone Transfer


Do you frequently alter mobile devices? Then for you is Mobile Trans. This website can move from one phone to another with one click all contacts, SMS, call logs, audios, videos, applications, pictures, music, calendar and more. It can also retrieve lost information or something you have mistakenly deleted. You can use the contact form or the SumoMe login option to access the social icons and contact them from the home page.

Pura Candela


Nutriway Diet


Under the guidance of doctors and qualified trainers, Nutriway Diet provides tailor-made nutrition programs. There is an internet platform to monitor how far you have accomplished your health objectives. The number provided in the top bar above the header or the contact form at the bottom right of the homepage can be reached for a free consultation.

Tale Design


Arow Auto Rental


Mercedes Benz, Bentleys, Porsche, BMWS, Ferrari or Jaguar – by renting them at Arow Auto Rental, a reputable vehicle rental service in Miami, you can take a spin in any of these. Their vehicles are shown on the homepage in BeTheme’s tiny sliding boxes.





UCANSELFSTORE is a blog about all the news about courier self-storage and storage. If you have a vintage table that you want to put away until you move to your suburban home, UCANSELFSTORE will assist you move it out of the city’s small apartment and maintain it for you until you call.





The name seems misleading, but the website will take you to Noah’s land, Armenia. The landscape of this beautiful country was captured and presented in a boxed format in amazing photos. The pictures are smoothly transitioning on the Revolution Slider in various ways.



Bug Free Pest Control ThemeForest’s BeTheme websites examples


You can approach Bug Free Pest Control to provide quality pest control facilities for households and offices in Sydney. They can solve all sorts of pest issues and carry out preventive maintenance. They can even give you guidance on maintaining pest-free homes and offices. For more information, you can visit their BeThemed website.

Bullside Management


Mazetta Company


Mazetta Company is a musk, shrimp, fine fish and lobster manufacturer and importer. Yummy recipes, inviting pictures of seafood, trade affiliations, their cold storage skills and accomplishments are all displayed on their BeTheme-based website using sliders and number counters.



Drum Pedals


Drum Pedals is a full drum pedal review and buyer guide. By contributing or checking out upcoming drumming activities, you can read everything about the recent drum pedals and engage in their forum. The separately falling alphabets from above invite you to select the finest drum pedals.



Austin Fanning General Contractors


Austin Contractors promises superior workmanship, comprehensive experience and unrivaled expertise on their BeThemed website. There is a very brief video / slider on the homepage and their finished projects are put in nice boxes on the portfolio page.

Vergara Breinbauer


The Health Center


The Health Center in Denver is a cannabis clinic. It has two sites and is fitted with the best medicine and employees of the highest quality. On their homepage, Twitter feed is displayed quite conspicuously, and so are social icons. The social icons appear on the homepage itself in various locations, with the sidebar icons remaining with you while scrolling.

Gavin Dvelys


Kill My Job


The name indicates what they are doing. The spirit of entrepreneurship is promoted far and wide by Kill My Job. They assist design their own lifestyle for people. Their website is about BeTheme.


Mentawai Boat Chambers


Mentawai Boat Charters runs the Temptation, a mini sports car that customers can fly in Mentawai or Telo island chains for a day to go walking on the island. The camera captured the waves well, and this is shown on the homepage to excellent impact.

Combles et Volumes




Metropolitan has a full-screen homepage with the menu at the top of the footer. You might just want to find out more about this restaurant with rocking music and a happening night spot. You can do this readily from their BeThemed website’s easy call to action buttons.

La Palma Pizza Cafe



The full screen display on La Palma’s homepage is a gourmet treat. You can almost smell the pizza’s smoky flavors, see the glass bubbles, and taste the tang in the ketchup of tomatoes. The image talks for itself and only to assist you take that pizza to your plate is the text on the webpage.

Zippy Toys


Zippy offers a wide variety of baby gyms, dining chairs, radio-controlled cars and full sets of educational toys. You can browse their catalog on their website’s Products page.

Zippy Toys


The Max Tattoo


If you want to get yourself inked, the Max Tattoo is where you should go. Since 1995, the company has grown steadily and is now specialized in cover-up tattoos. That implies you can add a fresh tattoo to a tired elderly one. The BeThemed website of Max Rambelli has several websites where you can see the various tattoos, drawings and catalogs in a gallery–all on a custom ink drawings background.





Dependent.com is the domestic addiction therapy rehabilitation network. The homepage itself demonstrates prominently their contact choices to reach out to them to nudge the drug and alcohol-dependent.



Size Matters Movers


These movers deliver things quickly and reliably throughout the globe. Their homepage has a full-screen picture of a delivery van, leaving you undoubtedly as to what their company is.


Colorado Stairlift


Colorado Stairlift Company can install in your home stairlifts to fit any specific needs. In Colorado, they are well founded. Lifts for straight stairs, curved stairs or lifts for refurbishment, they do everything. They can set up dedicated stair-lifts for the elderly or those with medical circumstances, as well as give temporary alternatives.





The Saxum Foundation was set up to coordinate all attempts to help individuals come to the Holy Land. The Vimeo describes this goal in more detail on their homepage. BeTheme builds their website.

Move Through Life


Move Through Life is a dance school that invites you to dance, learn, perform and get fit and inspired in the process. If you are not tempted, the suggested post that appears and sticks to the homepage as you scroll should be passed through. They have classes, including adult classes, for all age groups.

Jacksonville Real Estate


You can start your home search through Jacksonville Real Estate. By putting listings near the top of the homepage itself, they create it simple for you. They provide all the data and knowledge you need to create an informed decision to help you negotiate a deal.

Erion Skifteri Construction


Erion Skifteri Construction Company has evolved from satisfied customers through the excellent word spread. It is a complete service firm in New York City that specializes in mid-scale renovations. On BeTheme, the website is constructed.



AG-NAV is one of the major providers of GPS Aerial Application Navigation Equipment and has built a niche for itself in the agricultural industry. It provides a comprehensive distribution network to clients around the globe. GPS navigation enables to spray pesticides and fertilizers accurately.

Impact Inflatables


Impact Inflatables are of high quality in the company of inflatable advertising balloons. To get in contact with them, you just need to tap the left corner of the video on the homepage. There are also sharing icons and contact forms at hand. The number counters indicate that over 1,400 clients have been producing more than 20,000 inflated balloons.

Black Canyon City Chamber of Commerce


This is a trading body’s website. It utilizes the Be Child theme and all the data in the various pages of the website comes in nice boxes.

Home & Factory


Home & Factory manufactures furniture, and as per your design, you can purchase from their prepared inventory or demand a custom made one. They will demonstrate you how the project will take care of completion in 3D, which can assist you make adjustments in advance. Their website is BeTheme websites examples based.

Winning Edge


Home & Factory manufactures furniture, and as per your design, you can purchase from their prepared inventory or demand a custom made one. They will demonstrate you how the project will take care of completion in 3D, which can assist you make adjustments in advance. Their website is BeTheme websites examples based.

American Indian College


American Indian College is America’s only regional accredited college that mainly serves indigenous American learners. It equips learners for service within a Christian society with academic excellence. A student will have the chance to engage with different ministry organizations sent from college BeTheme websites examples.

Crowd Venture


Crowd Venture is as small as $5,000 as an investment avenue for resources. You can browse through multiple investment alternatives, primarily real estate, after opening an account with them and becoming an accredited investor. Investments in real estate typically begin at $50 K, but you can begin at really small investments with crowd funding.

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