Bring Joy to Your Clients with 20 Inspiring Holiday & Gifts Templates

Bring Joy to Your Clients with 20 Inspiring Holiday & Gifts Templates

As a matter of fact, each person all over the world enjoys giving and receiving presents. That is why holiday time brings a good mood, inspires, and reminds of various parties, celebrations, and carnivals. People start buying decorations, gifts, and party supplies in advance, so the giftware and party organizing industry flourishes in the holiday period Holiday & Gifts Templates. So, if you want to launch your own business and receive a high income, it’s a proper time to side with this sphere.

How to start the web-project?

When you want to begin your e-commerce business project, the main question is how to get it going. There are some effective solutions you can try. You could pay a couple of grand for a custom design, or purchase a pre-made template ten times cheaper. Both ways are convenient, but the second one has more benefits. Namely, ready-made themes are easy in use, so you will be able to set it up without any great effort. They go together with the detailed instructions, and you can just follow them to build an online project. Also, these templates are cost-efficient, and you will save not only your time but also money.

Another important point is that the themes are sold with around-the-clock support. So, you will have an opportunity to contact the provider’s support team to fix any problems. Besides, you could notice, that there is a big variety of WordPress eCommerce templates, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, or Magento themes. They are grouped in the relevant categories, so you can easily find the needed template. For example, if you want to use Joomla, look through the list, choose the best small business WordPress themes, find the most attractive design, and it’s all taped! Ready to try? Check the list of inspiring holidays & gift templates for different platforms below.

Holiday Presents Store Magento 2 Theme

This Holiday Presents Store Magento 2 theme will meet all your requirements, as it is stylishly designed, fully-featured, and easy in use. Its user-centric navigation and UI elements will impress even the most demanding clients, as they will be able to find exactly what they want quickly. Not to mention, that it is search engine optimized, mobile-friendly, and cross-browser compatible.

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Inspiring Christmas Hauls Joomla Theme

This Xmas hauls Joomla template will inspire both children and adults with its atmospheric design and perfect UX&UI elements. Besides, this template is fully responsive, SEO-ready, and compatible with all browsers. Watch the live demo to check its functionality!

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Christmas Giftware & Party Supplies OpenCart Template

As you can see, this Christmas OpenCart template is suitable for giftware stores, party supplies, and holiday planning websites. It has a visually appealing design, well-built architecture, and user-friendly navigation elements. What is more, this theme is complemented with various additional pages for extra details and offers.

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Holiday Gifts & Decorations Shopify Template

This Holiday Gifts & Decorations Shopify theme features simple and minimal style, fully responsive layouts, different menu types, comprehensible navigation, and search engine optimized pages. Also, this template is cross-browser compatible, so your clients will have an opportunity to look through your website using any browsers and devices. Try it!

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Xmas Gifts Responsive Theme for Magento

With the help of this responsive OpenCart theme, you can create your decor elements & giveaways online store without any great effort. It is easy in use, so no extra programming skills are needed – just set up the template and it’s done! Besides, this template has fully responsive layouts that will improve your website’s functionality on any device.

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Holiday Season Store Mobile-Friendly Shopify Template

As you can see, this Shopify-based template has an elegant minimal design that will fit any tastes. You will get from 7 to 15 stock photos together with the theme, so you will be able to build a visually appealing website without any great effort. Also, this template is responsive, SEO-ready, compatible will all browsers, and well-documented.

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Awe-Inspiring Presents Store Responsive OpenCart Theme

As you could notice, this premium OpenCart template differs from the others with its jaw-dropping design and clear structure coupled with fully intuitive user-centric navigation. It has a great number of extra pages, which you can use for additional details, special offers, blogging, and sales. Beyond that, this theme is responsive and search engine optimized, so you will be able to propel your business to the top-level.

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Holiday & Celebration Design Cards Magento Template

This Holiday & Celebration Design Cards Magento template is known for its elegant and catchy design, attractive for all clients. It is 100% mobile-friendly, search engine optimized, compatible with all popular browsers, and easy to customize. Watch the live demo and try it right off the bat!

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Creative Gift Cards Responsive Prestashop Template

This Creative Gift Cards Responsive Prestashop template is crafted with a delicate and sober color scheme, which will please even the most demanding customers. Moreover, the theme is well-structured, easy to adjust, cross-browser compatible, and 100% responsive. Properly present your present cards!

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Attractive Florist’s Store OpenCart Theme

This florist’s store theme is an effective solution for party decorations shops, creative holiday programs, hand-made presents, and idea blogs. As can be seen, this template features a simple and clear structure, visually attractive design, and intuitive navigation. Also, it is fully mobile-friendly, SEO-ready, cross-browser compatible.

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Holiday Festivity Cross-Browser OpenCart Theme

As you can notice seen, this cross-browser compatible OpenCart theme has a clear structure and elegant universal design. With the help of this template, you will build a user-centric website with fully responsive layouts and fully-fledged navigation. Watch the live demo to try it in action!

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Unusual Christmas Party Supplies MotoCMS E-commerce Theme

This Party Supplies MotoCMS E-commerce theme is supplemented with the powerful UX&UI design elements and fully responsive pages. The template is easy to install and use, intuitive in navigation, and well-featured. Also, it has a great number of additional pages for extra details and offers. Try it out!

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Cadeaux Fully Responsive PrestaShop Template

This is a stylish and fully-featured PrestaShop template for Xmas presents and decorations online stores. As can be seen, the theme looks pretty elegant, inspiring, and attractive. Also, it has great intuitive navigation and fully responsive layouts.

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Giftware Mobile-Friendly OpenCart Theme

This OpenCart template features a visually appealing design, user-centric structure, and intuitive navigation that will be clear for every client. The theme is easy-to-use, and you will customize it without any issues. So, the only thing you need is to follow the instructions included. Try it!

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Inspiring Xmas Cross-Browser VirtueMart Template

This VirtueMart template is designed in the green, red, and white colors, which create an inspiring Christmas style. The theme is completely responsive, cross-browser compatible, and search engine optimized. What is more, this template is complemented with clear documentation understandable for all users – from novices to VirtueMart experts.

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Party Decorations Responsive Magento Template

This fully-featured responsive Magento template will be a real catch for various decorations stores, gifts websites, and celebration products stores. It is complemented with the detailed documentation that will provide fast and easy customization. Additionally, it has mobile-friendly layouts, user-friendly navigation, and first-rate theme options included.

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Holiday Presents Ideas Responsive MotoCMS E-commerce Theme

Using this responsive MotoCMS E-commerce theme, you will have an opportunity to launch a wonderful website with mobile-friendly layouts, modern design, and comprehensible valid coding. Besides, the template is search engine ready and cross-browser compatible, so your website will be suitable for any device or browser.

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Jaw-Dropping Bouquets to Order PrestaShop Theme

This template is one of the top-rated flowers & bouquets PrestaShop designs. It is a cross-browser and searches engine ready, 100% mobile-friendly, and well-documented. Furthermore, it is powered by effective animation plugins, Google map integration, web fonts, and social buttons.

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Elegant Floral Arrangement Responsive PrestaShop Template

This Floral Arrangement Responsive PrestaShop template has a stylish minimalist design, additional pages, drop-down elements, advanced menu, multi-language support, and user-friendly web forms. Also, this theme is complemented with Google products: map and web fonts integration. In other words, all your clients will be able to mark their location and order delivery services without any great effort.

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Astounding Gifts Store Cross-Browser OpenCart Theme

This Astounding Gifts Store Cross-Browser OpenCart theme will be a great solution for holiday season business. Using this template, you will be able to sell gifts and party supplies on the Internet without any great effort. The theme features an elegant and simple visual design with bright eye-catching colors, mobile-friendly layouts, easy-to-install extensions, and search engine optimization.

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Now, you know how the perfect themes look like, and it’s time to learn how to build a website, using ready-made solutions. When you already have a suitable template, think about your website filling. At first, brainstorm an attractive name that will catch users’ attention. You can learn the art of choosing creative names from the free eBook “Finding the Perfect Website Name”. After that, pay attention to the visual design. Undoubtedly, you can take a template’s style and use it without changes, but you can also add some improvements and customize a website. The user-friendly admin panel will help you to edit it quickly and easily.

The next step is to upload your content and use the built-in search engine optimization options to boost your website. Also, make sure that your theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly so that your clients will be able to look through your web-pages and buy holiday presents using tablets or smartphones. When your awe-inspiring holiday website is ready, examine its functionality, and meet the first customer.