32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga 2021

32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga

For many individuals, yoga is a favored exercise. It is connected with so many wellness advantages and after practice, WordPress Themes For Yoga, professionals describe feeling rejuvenated and more versatile. Some make their yoga enthusiasm their career. And like any job, to reflect your company’s internet, you need a page. Fortunately, there are several WordPress topics that are specifically intended for yoga classes and educators that can act as a lovely image for your business. These discount topics give the flexibility and characteristics you need to construct a portal that will strengthen your image as a company and give all the data you need to your learners.


Yogi - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Yogi is a smooth and enjoyable design for any page linked to events, spa, wellness, exercise and beauty practice.

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FitnessLife - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

FitnessLife is an elegant, dynamic and vibrant WordPress Themes For Yoga that focuses on gyms, personal trainers, fitness centres, nutrition classes, and yoga. FitnessLife brings together all the characteristics that sell your products and motivate individuals to enter your courses.

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Anahata - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Welcome to Anahata, a real paradise for anyone who wishes to build a yoga, fitness & wellness page. It is also perfect for teachers and schools of yoga. Timetable Responsive Schedule for WordPress plugin is also included with Anahata free of charge ;

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Wellspring - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Live a good Wellspring environment! Wellspring offers you a wide range of templates, including those for meditation and yoga, packed with 12 captivating homepages particularly designed for wellness and health companies.

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Yoga X

Yoga-X - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Yoga X is a responsive theme for wordPress, Yoga, Pilates, Wellness & Meditation.

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Pure - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

PURE is completely responsive lovely WordPress theme spa and fitness for beauty salons, wellness centres, spa, massage and other services linked to health and beauty. With its sophisticated layout coupled with the recent website design methods, PURE will definitely bring your company to the next stage.

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Yogastudio - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Yogastudio is a beautifully constructed WordPress motif for Yoga. It is intended for college of yoga, centre of practice, holistic centre. It is also suitable for therapists, body treatment salon, wellness facility and spa.

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Health Coach

Health-Coach - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Responsive WordPress health coach theme with contemporary layout, 1-click demo export, Drag & Drop Builder and help for 6 months

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WellnessCenter - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

WellnessCenter puts together a strong planning scheme for reservation and meeting (earning you $38), a unique contact form maker, MailChimp newsletter subscription, and inclusion with WooCommerce, so operating your spa or salon company has never been so stress-free. More than 1000 pleased clients are in agreement!

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Dream Spa

Dream-Spa - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Spa design with loads of prospective characteristics for Spa Business. Whether you’re creating a new interface for your living room or need a good feel for your current internet appearance, Dream Spa is the best choice.

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Wellspring-1 - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Wellness is a WordPress feature focused on the society of health and wellness. Do you have a training related to hospital, workshop, spa, refuge or health? This is the ideal setting for you! Wellness is a responsive feature that implies that most mobile devices can readily view it.

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Asana - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Asana is a smooth, plain and contemporary WordPress design appropriate for all kinds of offices, gyms, health clubs, conference organizations and much more. Asana is intended to use new colours according to the recent developments. The theme is intended for display of complete width.

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Yoga Fit

Yoga-Fit - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Yoga Fit – WordPress Sports, Gym & Fitness Theme is intended for yoga and wellness products such as yoga magazines, wellness courses, sports, yoga training, gym, exercise and exercise courses, etc.

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Prowess - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

We are proud to introduce Prowess, a WordPress theme for fitness and gym like no other! If you’re a fitness specialist, a yoga professor, and want to create a fantastic page for your gym or exercise centre, Prowess is your option.

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Kriya Yoga

Kriya-Yoga - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

To develop your blog to teach yoga with inspirational performance and well-balanced functional components, Kriya Theme is a straightforward solution. Beautiful Pose Modules, Profile Details Teacher, Media Support, Courses, Workshops,

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Sportify - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Sportify is a Premium WordPress theme that offers contemporary, plain, sensitive layout and many excellent characteristics to boost your sport-related page.

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Skin Beauty

Skin-Beauty - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Skin Beauty – WordPress theme Beauty & Spa Center is a smooth sensitive WordPress design special for Beauty, Spa, Salons, Yoga, Barbershop, Care, Hair, Health, Massage, Medical, Physiotherapy, Wellness Center, Makeup, Cosmetics, Treatment.

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Jogasana - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Jogasana is a flexible WordPress theme for Yoga Studio, Yoga Teacher, Online Classes and Teacher Training. In this topic, we researched the most famous true websites and coupled all the necessary components and pages.

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Nirvana - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Nirvana is a beautifully constructed WordPress theme for genuine and appealing Yoga. It is intended to act as college of yoga, centre of practice, holistic facility, therapist. It also suits the commercial company page of the skin therapy salon, health and fitness centre, blog or gift shop.

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Somnus - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

Built for Yoga, Pilates and Fitness center companies, Somnus provides a glance for your company that is hopeful but welcoming. Spacious typography and neutral color colors merge to create an entertaining, comprehensive customer environment irrespective of the phone

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SPA Treats

SPA-Treats - 32+ Best WordPress Themes For Yoga [year]

SPA Theme Designed for eCommerce portals, spa, salon, health care, medical company, massage center. The concept of the hotel bar, cafe, menu, bar, pastry, videos of the cuisine. Also consistent with WPML now.

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