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35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins 2021

35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins

Popups are frustrating when done poorly, mess with the user experience and can leave tourists with their mouth with a bad taste. When they’re carefully built and you pay attention to what the call to action button says, pop-ups will actually help you get conversions. So here are some Awesome WordPress Email PopUP Plugins creating a special window on your web and bringing the email marketing to a different level.

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Popup Plugin

WordPress-Email-PopUP-Plugins - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Convert Plus is the all-in-one WordPress Email PopUP Plugins that turns your website into a powerhouse that generates leads. Create the mailing list, growing, quicker and more tailored than ever. You can build gorgeous pop-ups in minutes, and start turning visits to your website into subscribers, social followers, and customers.

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Popup Maker

Popup-Maker - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

With the Elfsight Popup tool, you’re free to create and easily integrate your custom popups of all kinds into your website. Create an authentic and efficient popup that applies various types of included blocks, including videos, buttons, texts, banners, and more. Pick an opening trigger and adjust the timing to achieve better efficiency among users. Diverse pop-ups will help people subscribe

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Saraggna - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Don’t like the login and registration design by default for WooCommerce? Use the shortcode feature to have a brand new page that is similar to your popup and use style parameter for different layout.

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Popup - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

The Internet is filled with dull popups. So, this is a time to break the pattern. That is why we built Layered Popups (WordPress Email PopUP Plugins). With this plugin, you can realize your creativity and create your own special multi-layer animated popups, or use our library’s over 200 professionally built ready-made models. AJAX-ed subscription / contact form that works with 91 emails

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Master Popups

Master-Popups - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Master Popups is a versatile popup plugin for creating Modal Popups, Full Screen Popups, Notification Bars, Slide-In Popups, and Inline & Widget PopupsMaster Popups to turn your traffic into leads, purchases, and signups, and the new WordPress popup plugin helps you to extend your email list and boost sales.

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Popup Builder

Popup-Builder - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

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Popup Manager

Popup-Manager - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Popup Manager is the most powerful freely available popup builder. Using it you can easily create attractive popups and control their style, dimensions, effects, triggers and much more without needing any coding skills.

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Yeloni Exit Popup

Yeloni-Exit-Popup - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

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Popups - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

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MailMunch - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

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Ninja Popups

Ninja-Popups - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Ninja Popups for WordPress incorporates professional popups to turn your site’s visitors into action, whether it’s subscribing to your newsletter, providing a discount/coupon to leave customers, or locking content before they share you’ll increase your site’s subscriber count and social signal that’s just what Google & other search engines want.

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ConvertPlus - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Convert Plus is the all-in – one WordPress Popup plugin that transforms your website into a lead generation powerhouse. Build your email list, bigger, faster and more targeted than ever before. You can create beautiful pop ups in minutes & start converting your website visitors into subscribers, social followers & customers.

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Slick Popup Pro

ConvertPlus-1 - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Slick Screen Pro is a WordPress screen plugin that lets you create a popup with any kind of content on a WordPress website.Any HTML, shortcode, image, iframe, Youtube video or contact type can be included. This is the best plugin to create a Contact Type 7 plug-in popup.

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Popup Maker

Popup-Maker-1 - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Plugin MakerTM is the best WordPress plugin plug-in to deliver. It is incredibly flexible & customizable. Bend it to create any form of overlay for your WordPress website, popup, modal, or post.

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Welcome Bar

Welcome-Bar - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

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Indeed Smart

Indeed-Smart - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

The most complete and best Popup Plugin ever built! You can build so many styles of popups, with more than 100 apps. The plugin Smart PopUp has one key feature, the guided audition. Don’t show the popup for everyone, be smart and choose your audience anytime. You can set the popups on the exit page or when the user clicks a button from the “Load Page Popups.” Yet Google yet FaceBook

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Hustle - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Hustle is the ultimate marketing plugin for creating an opt-in mailing list, targeted marketing popups, lead generation, building social follow-ups with share bars, maximizing sales, and increasing your company by award-winning Smush image optimization developers and WPMU App shape creator Forminator.

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Subscribe - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Subscribe Popup is a WordPress plugin that enables you to connect your blog or website to a highly customizable popup window with opt-in type. Once the popup window has been opened, visitors are asked to submit their name and e-mail address. Such data are stored in the database, or sent to newsletter systems for MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse and Campaign Monitor. You can export all the saved data as a CSV-file to use with any

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ARI Fancy Lightbox

ARI-Fancy-Lightbox - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

ARI Fancy Lightbox “is a ready-made mobile popup app with both social and viral features. May view any type of content: photographs, photos from WordPress, NextGEN, Justified Image Grid, FooGallery and Jetpack galleries, images from the WooCommerce app, videos from popular services (YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vine), links to Google Maps, PDF documents, web pages and even shortcode content.

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Image - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Image/Ad Popups is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to view any image on any page or several pages on your site (whether it’s a banner image, ad image, picture with an announcement or message, eCommerce product sales banner or affiliate offer image).

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WP Popup Banners Pro

WP-Popup-Banners-Pro - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

WP Popup Banners Pro is the ultimate plugin for engaging your website visitor with popup banners to improve the usability of your WordPress website. Use this plugin to subscribe to your website visitor, power your product display, connect with visitors via the contact form and update your visitor with new discount offers and other information. Have easy yet elegant, useful and clever appearance on y

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JP-GDPR - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

JP GDPR Compliant User Consent Popup Plugin is a WordPress. Basically driven plugin that has been built to quickly apply GDPR user policies to your WordPress site. Setup will take no more than 2 minutes.

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Exit Intent

Exit-Intent - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Exit Aim Pop-up Plugin is a plugin for simple development and management of popups on your WordPress website or blog. You can create a popup on any page and WordPress site posts with this plugin. With exit aim, you can activate the user behavior-based pop-up types. You can also add time triggers, scroll depth triggers, and page targeting to further customize your delivery.

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Distinctive Popups

Distinctive-Popups - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Distinctive Popups is a strong Popup Builder that helps you to easily create cool modal popups. You can build any from a basic welcome message, to modal login boxes and more using Distinctive Popups. Do you want a popup to appear when a user is visiting a page? No problem… No problem! How about manually triggering a popup to appear when clicking a menu item (or any link you can add a class to)? Yep, the plug

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Legalize - 35+ Best WordPress Email PopUP Plugins [year]

Or, you can cut and paste the words from some other web site using another very-used method. But who knows if those words on your own website have anything to do with the issues. The incorrect words can be worse than none at all, because the people who read them are deceived. And it may also be an act of copyright infringement that you, your company and your website may have trouble getting into.

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