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51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes 2021

51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes

A top-notch display offers a high-quality restaurant, and a superb platform is ideal to show off your company to potential diners. Many individuals go internet to discover their next dishes, so selecting one of the finest Restaurant WordPress Themes can assist your company discover a stronger place in search engine ratings in the never-ending fight. Using characteristics like fully customizable menus and inclusion with industry-leading reservation and booking alternatives, a top WordPress style can push enthusiastic fresh customers through your gate. Although the feature is essential, all the WordPress topics in this compilation also deliver exceptional layout, developer-friendly back-end boards, excellent help, and customer-focused user experience (UX).

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Restaurant-WordPress-Themes - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

WordPress theme store–Resca is a WordPress theme for ideal hotel, cafe, bar, bistro, inn, lounge, WordPress device foundation lunch page. WordPress Restaurant Theme Resca arrives with great booking scheme, you can choose either of two types: booking type where you will plug in the necessary data for an simple booking table & OpenTable type–online booking backed by OpenTable.

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Ambiance - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

The atmosphere for restaurants, bars and cafes industries is a distinctive and enjoyable Restaurant WordPress Themes environment. This soft design focuses instead of 1001 characteristics on versatility and ease of use. You will realize this while configuring your amazingly easy fresh restaurant theme,

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TheGem - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

TheGem is a flexible, flexible, high-performance Restaurant WordPress Themes with a contemporary creative design to accommodate a variety of artistic website applications.

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Benedicta - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Modern Restaurant WordPress Themes, culinary designs for hotels and bars. It will assist you to create a stylish and good picture that individuals will enjoy and forget for your business.

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Ginger - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Ginger is a modern Restaurant WordPress Themes suitable for all types of restaurants, cafés, bistro, pubs, bars, wineries, online shops, blogs, etc.

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Spoon - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Spoon is a friendly WordPress concept, with unique characteristics for hotels, bars, coffee stores, clubs, activities, hospitality, meal stations, water bars etc… With Spoon you can generate endless menus for meat and beverage, display your activities, present your squad, display your galleries of images, begin a website and distribute your goods internet. All these sections and pages are optional, this is also possible if you prefer a very simple website.

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Picante - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Picante is a contemporary WordPress theme with a practical and efficient Cafe & Restaurant layout and any company website linked to meat. Built with the exclusive Codeless Builder, a front-end editor that makes building your culinary blog simpler for your work. You can also discover the included backend editor for WPBakery Visual Composer.

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Carbone - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Looking for a flexible theme for your business in the café / bar / restaurant? See no more. Reflect the task of your business through an exquisite, contemporary Carbone-built blog.

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Downtown - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Downtown is a WordPress theme restaurant with a contemporary, smooth, friendly layout and lots of features intended specifically for restaurant managers.It involves some beautiful components and devoted characteristics such as: booking type, filterable panel, recipe boards, parallax impact and stylish transformations, shortcodes buit-in, custom widgets, inclusion of social media, Google maps, and more.

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Savory - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Congratulations to Savory! This is the perfect restaurant theme to show off just about any aspect of your restaurant business, whether it’s an Italian restaurant, a barbecue, a dinner, or even a bar, a café,

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Reon - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Reon – Restaurant WordPress theme create 6 Restaurant Homepages Demo, Cooking, Seafood Restaurant, Food Menu, Pizza Food, Bakery, Burger, Coffee Drink, Booking Service, etc. You don’t need software knowledge, you can readily create your page with the elementor.

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NUVO - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Modern and sophisticated: these are the two words that best describe NUVO, a WordPress Restaurant Theme built specifically for restaurant, café and bistro managers operating locations. Each institution has its own design and atmosphere, and this WordPress Restaurant theme provides you the capacity to choose between different presentations for each sort of institution.

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Capella - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Capella is an appealing WordPress theme restaurant with a strong range of theme choices.

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Espresso - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Some of the features of the Event Calendar (recurring events, map / photo / week views, etc.) require the plugin Event Calendar Pro to be purchased Restaurant WordPress Themes.

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Sushi - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

We give you an amazing layout of the restaurant and cheap meals decor that has requirements that are perfectly adapted to suit companies in the food industry. It comes with warm characteristics such as semantic software, strong admin board and cheap slider plugins

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Kataleya - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Kataleya is not all-purpose motif overblown. We constructed it in mind with holders of restaurants, pizzas and coffee shops. Perfect for your company, a smooth, tasty layout style.

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LemonChili - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

LemonChili is a cheap, friendly WordPress design with unique characteristics for hotels, cafes, bars, clubs, meetings … You can generate endless menus with LemonChili as well as an activity website, a group website and a gallery website.

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BBQ-restaurant-theme - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

BBQ, the perfect WordPress theme for any local business, café, pub, bar or hotel.

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White Rock

White-Rock - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Show off your job with this WordPress theme that is easy to customize and fully featured. You will obtain a comprehensive help file with extra characteristics such as a Drag & Drop Page Builder and Premium Slider when you purchase this design.

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ROSA - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

ROSA is the # 1 best-selling WordPress magazine concept designed to assist restaurants and other business operators form an environment individuals enjoy and value. By tailoring to a particular collection of courageous requirements and desires, it provides enough liberty to create it your own.

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Cinnamon - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Cinnamon Restaurant Theme is a responsive multi-purpose WordPress restaurant motif intended for all pages linked to meat company. It can also be used to build a restaurant page with one page. The topic can be used for any restaurant company such as supermarkets, meat joints, barbecues, tiny to big hotels, bakery, cafe, coffee, barbecues, fast food and pizzerias.

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Delicio - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

The perfect solution not only for hotels and coffee shops to develop a lovely portal, but also for any company looking to build a captivating internet existence. The motif is simple to handle, with a completely customizable drag-and-drop interface.

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Dine - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Dine is a WordPress genre dedicated to meat & delivery of elevated standard. Elegant restaurants and cafés in particular, delicate information to polish your company. Using 100% Page Builder & Live Customization, setting up and collaborating with Dine is too simple.

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Marco - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Marco is a contemporary, distinctive and extremely efficient WordPress design that is appropriate for all restaurants, cafes, wineries, sushi bars, bistro, bars, pubs and other food companies.

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LaCuisine - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

It’s essential that the internet of your restaurant helps your clients feel at home – you’ll discover more places reserved if your patrons consider your institution to be welcoming. This is a task produced with a theme like LaCuisine much easier.

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Grand - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Grand Restaurant is a tidy and contemporary Cafe & Restaurant WordPress style and any company website linked to meat. Built with the recent technology from WordPress. Grand Restaurant supports responsive design so that all appliances look fantastic. It has predefined design that can be exported with one button for Modern Cuisine, Asian Food Restaurant and Elegant Food Restaurant.

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Cuisine - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Welcome to the WordPress 4.5 Cuisine topic. For supermarkets and other food / hospitality venues, this concept is designed. If you own or run a supermarket, cafe, slow meat, boutique coffee shop, road bar, quick meat, pasta shop, ice cream shop or food-related items, you need to understand you need a nice sounding page. That’s why we made the style of Cuisine.

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THE-FLAVOUR - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

All of our topics are highly customizable and simple to use, and no exception is The Flavor. In a couple of taps, you can alter colours, styles and much more straight from the admin WordPress. Find out more by having a look at some of the alternatives below for customizations:

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Café Pro Theme

Café-Pro-Theme - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Café Pro incorporates aspects of our two most common children’s topics— Parallax and Foodie— to produce the ultimate layout alternative not only for supermarkets, but for any stone and mortar company that seeks to build an exciting internet existence. Simple widgets enable you to include all the appropriate data on each section of your website, such as email data, email, operating hours.

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Piquant - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Find the ideal item with Piquant for a ideal blog! This delicious WordPress theme is packed with an amazing set of layouts and elements, made for every café room or bar. Create an initial restaurant lecture or enable your guests to readily book a room with an embedded Open Table booking scheme

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Tavern - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Tavern is a versatile WordPress design that is designed for hotels, bars, cafes, bistros and other hotels.The topic involves the market’s most common premium plugins: Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, and Essential Grid. Using this collection of plugins, you can use a drag & fall gui and lots of pre-built components to produce almost any sort of design.

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Barnelli - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Visiting a restaurant is an experience, so you should also visit your website. Barnelli is a WordPress style that is minimal and extremely responsive, intended for all of you restaurateurs. This isn’t just a specific “motif” that can suit all companies.

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Igloo - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Use Igloo, our lovely WordPress design for cafes & shops, to give your guests the festival of their lives with your lovely hotel page.

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Restaurant - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

The Restaurant Theme includes a unique message style and website model to display menu products for meat and beverage — rendering a menu website easy to build. The theme-included profile website model can be used to show and filter category-based designs. The design also includes some exciting aesthetics such as a full-width slideshow and displays pictures for websites that have a parallax impact.

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Nosh - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Nosh is a WordPress motif of an interesting and advanced restaurant & lounge. Smart, contemporary, sturdy and incredibly customizable. A beautifully built and regarded WordPress theme multi-purpose restaurant, Nosh can be intended to fit any kitchen, bar or retail store. Clean and minimal, incredibly versatile and focused on the user, Nosh provides all the elements and functions necessary for a successful restaurant website.

[id=”3″ text=”Demo” url=”https://1.envato.market/c/1290177/275988/4415?u=http://preview.themeforest.net/item/nosh-restaurant-and-bar-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/8060983″ linktitle=”Demo” window=”new” nofollow=”true”] Download Hosting


BERG - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

BERG is a multi-purpose dining model. BERG is still our most lovely, sophisticated WordPress motif with a wealthy function. We placed scheduling, developing and generating a ton of commitment and moment.

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Milano-1 - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Milano is one of the most strong and distinctive, completely sensitive wordpress topics! You have complete power over the design of your design! Set for each page / post customized context slideshow or picture and tailored colours. This theme’s unique layout and environments create it ideal for exhibiting products or operates for hotels, shops, filmmakers, and any creatives.

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Eatery - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Eatery is a luxury WordPress restaurant style designed for hotels and cafes. It displays a very smooth, friendly layout that is ideal for developing your hotel or company ‘ competent picture. Customizing with amazing characteristics (such as meal menus and activities!) is simple and has plenty of simple to use shortcodes and instruments. Eatery is also completely WPML compliant–the multi-lingual plugin for WordPress. See even more below.

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Delicieux - 51+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes [year]

Delicious is a top-notch retail / restaurant motif. It arrives with a very pleasant and pleasant layout. This should be precisely the restaurant page. This feature emerges with a super-wide admin board as well. It has loads of characteristics. Almost every color component can be changed via the admin board, moreover, you can alter it via Live Color Changer!

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