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34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes 2021

34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes

When you choose to advertise your expertise online as a consultant, psychiatrist, or therapist then you would need a website that appears professional. It’s essential for these types of services that you can address your potential clients’ concerns by supplying them with all the necessary details they’re searching for. We have collected the best Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes to help you make a well-informed choice, which will give you access to everything you need all in one easy to use package. Although these themes’ models and basic styles are their core characteristics, there are many things to remember while looking for Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes designer or counselor. This covers whether you choose to attach an electronic reservations feature to your website or the option to accept online payments. Although both of these themes can operate with the best online scheduling plugins, some of them also have the feature as normal, making it much simpler to incorporate an online reservation program on your WordPress website. Certain apps to watch out for include several homepage templates that will give you various choices on how this section of your website looks, drag-and-drop page builders that will enable you to do configuration work, and software that will help you post slideshows on your website to view details in different ways. The sort of page you choose to create for the help of your doctor, psychiatrist or consultant, you are sure to find a fitting theme here.

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Psychologists-Therapists-WordPress-Themes - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

Maura is a Psychologists Therapists WordPress Themes that is appropriate for the platform of psychiatrists, hypnotherapists, consultants or psychotherapists. Maura uses the drag-and-drop template builder for creating the web components, making the project simpler to arrange. This theme often helped with broad choices for topics. With the options of header builder and footer, we construct each theme with their controls. The decisions are in you.

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Inthera - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

If you’ve ever thought about supporting struggling individuals and changing their life, let us launch the WordPress theme of the therapy center. The theme has a streamlined, tidy style to maintain calmness and health. Itâ€TMs are full of multifunctional features that help you reflect your core in the best possible way. The Intern is just what you need if you decide to boost customersâ€TM well-being and encourage more people to think for their wellbeing.

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Psychologist - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

Clean and sensitive WordPress theme for personal or company treatment websites, or all other websites that need a (or not) calendar of activities or scheduling of appointments. Simple and scalable architecture and tons of apps.

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Mindmaster - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

For psychologists and psychology web pages we built Mindmaster. It’s the best style to showcase your programs, your employees and your clients. Let your future clients realize why their consumers trust you with their strong post form testimonials.

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Medical - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

Medical WordPress theme is a healthcare and clinic premium WordPress theme particularly for an industry that requires medical practices: dentists, physicians, surgeons, hospitals, dental clinics, pediatrics, therapists, therapists, stomatologists, chiropractors, veterinary clinics and other relevant medical sites but it is also ideal for any sort of website – meeting, community, welfare, nonprofessionals.

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Superdog - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

Superdog is a completely accessible and sensitive WordPress style developed exclusively for dog training classes, dog counselors, puppy nursery, and blogs for pet trainers. With WordPress style Superdog Dog Training, you will show your school simply and easily to your guests and prospective customers.

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LT Psychex

LT-Psychex - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

LT Psychex is a WordPress compliant theme developed especially for website personality psychology. This concept draws upon a solid foundation with the system of Genesis. Drop-down menus and back to top controls offer you an easy to use and user-friendly completed web site. Thanks to the open design and cross-browser accessibility patients can reach the website from any platform and application that they choose. This provides versatility to the website making it convenient to use from wherever the user has internet connectivity on a mobile.

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Divi Layout Packs

Divi-Layout-Packs - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

Divi provides a series of models that were originally developed to build pages for counselors and other therapists. The Divi WordPress theme comes with a trendy and competent set of models created with psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors in mind to help you create a website for your practice. A bundle of pre-constructed material provides models for the profile, touch, and support pages that your site may require, plus a homepage interface and design for the landing page.

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Mindron - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

For counseling centers, counseling companies and private psychiatrists, and psychiatrist, Mindron WordPress Theme is the perfect set. It has a style that is 100 percent sensitive and reviewed on all big handheld apps.

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Cloe Brooks

Cloe-Brooks - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

Cloe Brooks is a sleek WordPress theme on modern psychology. It’s perfect for physicians of psychiatry, psychiatry laboratories, psychological school, hypnotherapists, psychologists and adult psychologists.

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Optima - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

This WordPress framework was created especially for therapy or rehab centers who address different issues. The theme is powered by WPBakery drag and drop page builder. Demo content comes with the theme.

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Menticare - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

Menticare – Psychologist with a functional psychologist, rehab center, marital counseling, family therapy, adult psychiatrist or therapist is an exquisite premium WordPress style.

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Deep Mind

Deep-Mind - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

This WordPress style Psychology Clinic can help you build a platform for practical psychology services. Using this simple and stable WordPress theme to build and customize your psychology website as much as you like. This theme will help you to build a website that is highly customizable, stylish and sensitive.

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Clear Mind

Clear-Mind - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

It is really necessary nowadays to provide a reliable, innovative website that offers enticing knowledge regarding your therapeutic core. Clear Mind WordPress theme is a good option for developing a medical subject devoted to the insightful blog. This style has a traditional feel and a strong feature. Use a flexible Cherry plugin toolkit for Elementor page creator you will be able to customize your website according to your taste and purpose: you will be able to view staff leaders, client testimonials, support list and many more.

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Callie Britt

Callie-Britt - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

Callie Britt is a new & trendy WordPress style for psychological therapy and counseling. It has the clean, fresh & attractive design of styles made specifically for the website of Psychologist & Psychological practice. Psychologist, psychotherapist, physician, counseling mentor or personal trainer, counseling centers, psychology facility, hypnotherapist, counselor, and adult psychology practitioners are ideally fit for the theme.

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BeTop - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

BeTop WordPress theme includes several flexible tools to highlight your work and identify your services. It has an elegant user interface and an insightful architecture that looks fantastic on every site, as it is totally sensitive.

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Psychology - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

WordPress style Psychiatrist Counseling. Great model designed by Psychiatrists, Psychocare, Therapy, Counselors, Psychologists, Counseling Services, Clinical Consultants, Therapists, Psychiatric Specialists, Psychiatric Health Service Alliance, Community Behavioral Treatment Agency, Professional Psychiatrist Practice, Psychotherapists, Hypnotherapists, Lunatic Asylum, Top Psychotherapist, Clinical Experts, Personal Nurse, Healthcare services.

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MindCare - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

MindCare is a technical WordPress style for contemporary psychology and counseling websites of all sorts. Filled with a fine selection of models for psychology, therapy and wellness presentations, MindCare is sure to provide you with any style, function & alternative you may need to create a beautiful psychology site with the utmost ease. Meet the real specialist in cognitive psychiatry & behavioral wellbeing, MindCare is this!

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Life Coach

Life-Coach - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

Life Coach and Psychologist Individual WordPress platform are designed specifically for mentors and trainers in real life/business, human counseling practitioners, food and fitness consultants. It also includes professionals in search of a professional website. It may also be important for professional professionals in psychiatry, counselors, therapists or rehabilitation centers.

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Hypnotherapy - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

Premium WordPress app hypnotherapy and counselor has advanced effective features and stunning architecture. This subject is the right one for a professional hypnotherapy service, counselor website, psychotherapist practice, doctor, personal coach/trainer business, as well as website relevant to psychology medicine.

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Psycholox - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

Psycholox WordPress framework is the perfect package for hospitals in psychiatry, psychiatry firms and private clinicians, and therapists. It has a style that is 100 percent sensitive and reviewed on all big handheld apps.

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PsycheCo - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

PsycheCo WordPress platform is the perfect option if you are searching for a domain for physicians, clinicians, professional psychiatric consultants, clinical practitioners, behavioral wellbeing services and corporations, mobile life coaches. PsycheCo WordPress platform will create a perfect website for psychiatric practitioners of private professional practice and counseling classes.

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Zelus - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

Meet Therapist-our latest and versatile WordPress theme for psychologists and other experts in the area. It is cool, totally sensitive & SEO. We have bundled it with a common and easy-to-use Page Builder plugin and built several custom elements to design the ideal page layout, so you can only drag and drop items.

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Psychologist-1 - 34+ BEST Psychologists, Therapists WordPress Themes [year]

Laura Anderson-WordPress style of new & trendy psychology therapy and counseling. It has a new, fresh & elegant interface created especially for the website of Psychologist & Therapeutic Profession. The subject is ideally fit for Counselor, Psychotherapist, Doctor, Teacher in Counseling or Personal Trainer.

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