33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes 2021

33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Theme

Travel blogging is among the easiest ways to raise money when moving online. When you’re trying to chart your journeys on a forum, then you’ll realize you’ll need a specific WordPress Travel Themes. For any travel blog, photos are a big staple, so you’ll need a theme that shows all the pictures you’ll take from all your travels among other things. If you’re on a budget however, you probably won’t have tons of extra bucks to shell out on a top travel theme. And instead, what are you doing? You get the WordPress Travel Themes for free! Check the following free themes for your travel blog to be perfect.

Tourizto WordPress Travel Themes

WordPress-Travel-Themes - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

If you’re a real fan of traveling and have an idea of creating your own travel website and blog, you’ll enjoy this amazing theme! Tourizto is one of WordPress’s travel company’s most powerful and flexible solutions to websites. A handy built-in admin panel allows you to give the web its initial look.

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Wanderland - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Take the road with your latest travel partner Wanderland! Start a captivating new adventure or tourism blog with ease – you get all the elements that a travel blog might ever need, including destination layouts and a fine selection of templates for blog pages. Start your Wanderland Travel page, the perfect location for your posts.

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SetSail WordPress Travel Themes

SetSail - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

We’ve just made the perfect theme for travel agency websites with amazing features which are great to showcase your tourism projects! Thanks to the powerful online booking system which comes with the theme, you can show your tours & destinations in great detail and have people book trips online. SetSail arrives

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Travel Diaries

Travel-Diaries - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Travel Diaries is a sleek, tidy, and easy-to-use WordPress theme for traveler bloggers and bloggers of all sorts. The architecture is flexible and therefore any item is conveniently shown in all sorts of devices of various screen sizes. Travel Diaries theme has a custom home page with various features, like

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Prevalent WordPress Travel Themes

Prevalent - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Prevalent is a tidy, friendly and pretty free WordPress travel theme for your travel agency or tour website. It is designed primarily for tourism professionals and focuses on offering various travel, adventure and tour packages. This subject may also be used for industry, company, building,

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Courtyard - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Courtyard-Intuitive WordPress style is simple, streamlined and beautifully built for Hotel and Resorts. Courtyard theme can also be used to accommodate Motel, Boarding House, Guest House, Guest House, Bed and Breakfast, B&B, Hostel, Inn Hospitality Business, Restaurant, Cooking, Cafe, and

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Travel Way

Travel-Way - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Travel Way is a stunning and highly sensitive WordPress theme built and established exclusively for tour and travel operators, agencies and portfolio pages for personal travel. The interface concept was rendered using state-of-the-art and latest technologies including amazing fonts and enchanting graphics. Travel business

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Tafri Travel

Tafri-Travel - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

This free WordPress travel theme is a fantastic help when it comes to creating a stunning, eye-catching, sleek and tidy website for travel agents , tour guides, travel and adventure blogs, event planners, tourism department and all other businesses

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Travel Ultimate

Travel-Ultimate - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Travel Ultimate is a beautiful and extremely sensitive WordPress theme for every form of travel agency, tour operator or owner of travel businesses. It provides various flexibilities and solutions for setting up destinations and packages for traveling. Travel business owner can show services,booking form, blog, testimonial and other

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Poseidon - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Poseidon is an elegant WordPress theme with a superb full-screen slideshow of the file. The tidy typography and large white style render your stories sharing perfect. With the widget-based Magazine Homepage template, you can use the theme as a simple blog or create a news website with ease.

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Travel Eye

Travel-Way-1 - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Travel Eye is a professional, clean WordPress Travel theme. This theme is ideal for travel agencies, hotels , tour operators, or any other travel and tour-related organization. It is powered by Page Builder by Site Origin, so drag-and-drop

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The Minimal

The-Minimal - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

The Minimal is a WordPress style built for a blog or magazine that’s modern, tidy and lightweight. The large featured slider with advance slider options makes this theme an excellent choice for photography, travel , food, fashion, travel, lifestyle, sports or any other awesome blog. The bright typography and the roomy white

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Travel Agency

Travel-Agency - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Travel Agency is a free WordPress theme built to build online travel booking platform for tour operators and companies. Trips, locations and styles of trips can be included, travel events included, the specialties illustrated and guests can book trips. The stunning design combined with modern CSS effects and

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Writee - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Writee is an elegant free WordPress personal blog theme and well designed for family, health, travel, fashion, business, or some other beautiful site. Writee is smartphone oriented and totally open. The theme features pixel perfect design and includes 3 custom widgets, Customizer Options, full-width/boxed slider to

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Luxury Travel

Luxury-Travel - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Luxury Travel is a WordPress travel agency theme made specifically for travel and tourism business sites. This multifunctional WordPress Tour theme is best suited for versatile businesses such as tourist agencies, tour operators, travel guides, photo agencies, travel diaries, holidays, airlines , hotels,

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Travelbiz - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Travelbiz, an expressive, virtuous, user-friendly and powerful business travel and tour theme prepared by Gutenberg. Influenced by professional, modern and unique concept, Travelbiz. Travelbiz is convenient for all travel agency or tour operating website, with a focus on offering various packages including adventure tour.

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Backpack Traveler


Backpack-Traveler - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Welcome to your new travel companion Backpack Traveler and a perfect theme for every travel blogger out there. Create a blog for travel, and do it in a jiffy! You get the list of destinations and single post models, and fantastic site design, big

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Roam - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Want to start a travel blog, or offer worldwide travel tours? You are right on the spot! Created with travel lovers in mind, Roam is a modern WordPress travel theme which is ideal for finding and booking a tour or a holiday.

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GoTravel - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

It’s time to celebrate, travel fans! GoTravel is a remarkable WordPress tourism and travel theme that lets you start your travel business effortlessly. You can set up a modern travel blog in just a few measures, create a beautiful web display for your travel agency and much more

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Trawell - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Trawell is a professional WordPress travel blog theme carefully designed to help you very easily create a stunning travel blog, travel guide or travel magazine website, with smart features that every travel blogger needs to streamline their travel adventure.

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Tripster - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Tripster is a sleek, functional, minimalistic and trendy WordPress theme for a travel site, personal profile, travel journal , newspaper or other form of online publication. Whether you’re a author, a tourist or a filmmaker, our WordPress travel site is a perfect place to share your experiences with the world.

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Getaway - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

Your own getaway online mere taps away! Purchase Getaway today and you get what you need to build the website your travel and tourism company deserves quickly and easily

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Altair - 33+ BEST FREE WordPress Travel Themes [year]

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