42+ Best Free News Website Templates 2021

42+ Free News Website Templates To Share News As They Happen

Online world growth not only influenced companies but also altered the news and media industry. The way in which the content is eaten is drastically altered. As they occur, important news is communicated almost immediately. Having a news channel website is no longer an alternative, it’s a must-have function. Developing a news channel app can be a little more expensive than creating a news website. But the recent development of the website enables the applications to load almost like an app with a user interface that is mobile friendly.

If you have a tight budget, you can use these free website news templates to create an amazing news website. The recent free website news templates from HTML are simple to customize and use. The templates in this list follow the structure of HTML5. The templates for HTML5 are intended to satisfy the recent website requirements. It can handle the velocity of the website efficiently and also elegantly show the website in tiny screen mobile devices. The following are the best free website news templates that you can use for your website as well as website templates for magazines.


Free-News-Website-Templates - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Mag is a Free News Website Templates model, as its name indicates, that caters to any niche and sector. If you start your stuff online, make a favor of yourself and further research this wonderful online magazine model. You’ll understand it’s a fit because of its amazingness and sophistication right away. With a wonderful choice of characteristics and assets, Mag sports a smooth and trendy web design. You’ll have your own internet presence set up with Mag in a blast. Besides the interesting sparking home design, for your comfort, Mag also comes with several other inner websites. And it even has a working contact page and subscription widget for the newsletter.

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Smashed - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

If you fancy a dark design, you will definitely be impressed by the website model of Smashed Free News Website Templates. It’s a creative, contemporary and professional page canvas with an enticing and sparking look, exactly what you want. If you want to have a powerful effect on your fresh and returning readers, a striking website is definitely needed. With Smashed, you can now rapidly and effectively hammer out one and achieve great outcomes. Of course, it’s the style that most stands out from Smashed sports, but you will also benefit from many excellent characteristics. In addition, for future magazine monetization, Smashed also comes with predefined ad spots. How cool are you?

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Nikki - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Nikki is the free contemporary Free News Website Templates you need to stand out for a mile and reach a refined-style worldwide crowd. Around it there’s no other way. Simply download the tool and start editing it with your content for a smooth and stable website launch. Whatever your niche is, Nikki is here to rapidly and comfortably adapt to all your internet projects. Besides, with your creative touch, you can also improve it and optimize the web design to fit your branding. Awesome split slider with an effective zoom, stuffed sidebar widgets, full-wide Instagram feed and distinctive social media buttons are prepared to go live with your website. For something awesome

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Newsbit - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Newsbit is a great free website template for your cryptocurrency blog to begin something new on the coin market. You can use it for a general news page, sharing your own tricks and advice, or even mixing both. Newsbit has all the characteristics and resources you need to cover and rock the internet to cover all your internet project thoughts. Newsbit is here to take care of all your plans, from clean and elegant web design to complete responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility. Amazing widgets, drop-down menu and more material loads are waiting for you. Download Newsbit now and start the online news page about cryptocurrency that you have always wanted today. You’re running

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Force-1 - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Have a strong beginning with Force’s Free News Website Templates on the interweb and create the online magazine you’ve always wanted to launch. Undergo a easy process of converting Force into a working page and getting busy with the release of convincing papers and other news posts. Force is a flexible and simple template that can be used for all kinds of plans to handle and retain. Force acclimatizes travel, fashion, lifestyle, tech, sports, finance, you name it, projects fast. Not only is the web design of Force’s news and magazine template of the highest quality, it is also prepared for you to monetize your website once it reaches a desirable volume.

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Viral - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Hence its name, Viral is a template for free viral Free News Website Templates, clean and straightforward. On this instrument there’s a lot of things going on that you can all take advantage of and significantly benefit from. Viral has an optimized design that operates seamlessly across all systems and platforms, responsive, mobile-ready and modern browsers. They will always experience skimming your viral content in the same amazing fashion, no matter where they come from. Viral is vibrant and courageous, prepared to be monetized in the future and packed with resources such as mega menu, active contact form, newsletter widget and pagination. Whatever niche you want to enter, or even if it’s a general news p

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TechMag - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

TechMag is a sleek, trendy and advanced Free News Website Templates that covers every sector niche. You can design a specific news magazine that covers specific gadgets, or you can develop a generic internet tech-oriented magazine that pushes news about the recent releases and trends. Whatever you’re planning to do with the remarkable TechMag, it’s a guarantee that the end product will be a top-notch piece of web art. Pick up a clean, free template for an online magazine and save loads of time and effort instead of doing all the work yourself. It is TechMag that awaits every customer with the pre-designed and ready-to-use material. That said, make sure that you use all its power

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World - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

World is an amazing, feature-rich free website template for the magazine. To start hammering out compelling articles and create a place where everyone will love to hang out, it has everything in store for you. Lots of moving components, loading content on scroll and practical widgets require an epic online magazine. World makes sure your readers are treated correctly from various sliders, several internal pages and a newsletter subscription box in the footer. Comments, as well as a search bar and comfortable and sticky navigation, are also fully sorted out. Whether you’re planning to launch a particular news website or a niche-specific news website, do it with the free model, World.

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Magnews - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

If you’re looking to construct a news-based internet platform, you’ll need a free website model for Magnews online magazine. There are two primary reasons why your go – to product is Magnews. First, it’s because you don’t have to pay a dime. Second, you are pre-designed for professional web design to save you time and effort. But if you pick Magnews template to be your website basis, you win more than twice. While it’s a free template for the website, you won’t feel it at all. Why is that? There are many features, the tool looks clean and sophisticated, and the performance is excellent. Widgetized sidebar and footer, icons for social media, picture feed for Flickr, subscription newsletter.

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Sports News Portal

Sports-News-Portal - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Sports News Portal is website template for sports and games simple, clean, lightweight, beautiful, elegant and one-stop responsive HTML magazine. It’s great and incredible, ships with UI components and packed features that are simple to use and customize. Sports news portal is tailor-made responsive and keep site appearance aesthetic thinking of all viewing devices such as iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook Pro, Windows Phone, Blackberry Phone, Symbian Phone and other high-resolution devices. The magazine model for Bootstrap HTML looks amazing, streamlined and simple, keeping your precious content amazing throughout the contemporary browsers as well.

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GoCrepe - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

For your creative needs, Go Crepe is a bright and colorful free website template. This model can be used for mobile apps, local companies, photo agency, digital business, media company, SEO agency and much more.

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Palmas - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

For consumers who like to write and share their stories, Palmas is a straightforward and elegant WordPress theme. It is based on responsive design, easy navigation, clean typography, large use of white space and a handy set of features.

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PT Magazine

PT-Magazine - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

PT Magazine is a contemporary and perfectly designed theme for vibrant news, newspapers, magazines, publishers, blogs, editors, online magazines, news portals and any other creative websites. This SEO friendly free magazine theme is fast, secure and perfectly suited to topics such as business, fashion, technology, politics, sports, health, travel, etc.

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MagazineX Lite

MagazineX-Lite - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Magazinex is an sophisticated blog and online magazine theme offering various blog layouts, colored category badge, and video, picture, and gallery post format support. The theme has a Contributors template page (list of writers). For several sections of the front page, there is the drag and drop customizer option, so you can easily customize the front page to suit your needs. With the premium version of the theme you will get more features and one-on-one support.

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Vizew - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Looking for a newspaper or online magazine portal to start, but can’t find the correct free website template for HTML5 news? Maybe the main reason why you can’t find it is because you really like pages with dark layouts and there aren’t many canvases of this kind out there. It’s your lucky day today! Meet Vizew, a great tool to sort you out quickly and reliably with the perfect web design for your news project. Vizew has everything you need to operate and popularize a good internet news site. Of course, to ensure that everyone gets the most out of your website, it also follows all the recent technology trends and internet laws.

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VideoMag - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Hence the name, for everyone who starts an online magazine, VideoMag is the best free video website template. Look no further as this is the web design that provides all you need to take your vlogging to a completely fresh level. Or even if you want to produce a particular video magazine with all kinds of distinct content, VideoMag is again the instrument you should consider. VideoMag is a mobile, responsive layout that is compatible with all modern web browsers and retina screens. For your videos to be the focus center, it rocks a clean and soft look. In addition, each video opens every single time in a pop-up for a seamless experience.

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NewsFlex - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

For all kinds of online magazines and newspaper-like websites, NewsFlex is a free responsive website template. With ease, you can approach designing your lovely internet room to drive your internet project forward, attracting loyal supporters and a host of fresh readers. Take benefit of the tidy and minimal web design of NewsFlex that focuses primarily on content. Some of NewsFlex’s goodies are awesome transitions, slider, video support, mega and drop-down menus, social media icons and ready for monetization. The instrument comes with preset ad placements that can be used for advertisements later. In addition, NewsFlex is fully responsive and flexible.

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WebMag - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

WebMag is just a shorter name for the website template of the free web magazine that we carefully designed and developed for your needs. Start a new internet project in the sooner rather than later niche you’re enthusiastic about. It could be technology, web design, travel, lifestyle, gadgets, food, sport, or even a particular news page, WebMag handles all of them with ease. In the best way, WebMag is easy to edit and enhance and adapts readily to your needs. WebMag’s web design is clean and minimal, sensitive to the layout and compatible with contemporary web browsers. Practice all the recent internet and tech trends for the greatest user experience with your new favourite free instrument.

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Megazine - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Sleek, neat and trendy free website template magazine, Megazine, is prepared for something new and original to begin with. This is the correct instrument for creating a mega zine, attracting reader masses, and getting your internet project to some absurd heights. Megazine has an innovative and one-of – a-kind look that excites the curiosity of everybody and in an instant makes them a fan. Whether it’s connected to tech, sports, fashion, lifestyle, travel or even gaming, Megazine is prepared for any subject matter. It has a versatile design with navigation on the left sidebar, social media icons and loads other wonderful features. Use Megazine and all its handy pre-designed to build a news-first internet room.

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Newspaper - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

You can have a refreshing page up and running in just about any moment with free Newspaper website model. The model has a smooth and light design that works on all systems and platforms super smoothly. Everyone will have the same great experience browsing your website and reading its content, no matter where your readers come from. Intrigue and hook all your guests in an instant. With a loyal fan base, grow your online magazine and unlock a fresh horizon of opportunities. Newspaper has a multi-level drop-down menu as well as a mega menu with as few clicks as necessary to guarantee comfortable navigation.

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Quitelight - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Creativity understands no limits and the website model of Quitelight is not free of creative magazine. Whatever the niche you want to join, or even if you’re creating a particular news page, Quitelight is here to sort stuff out for you. The design is based on the flexibility and responsiveness framework of Bootstrap, which is retinal and compatible with all major web browsers. Whatever device or platform you use to visit your online magazine, Quitelight ensures that the content is always displayed in the same amazing fashion. A one-of – a-kind banner with carousel slider, drop-down menu, social media links and subscription widget for newsletters comes with Quitelight.

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Avision - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Avision is a trendy free website template for your comfort with goodies on goodies. Fashion, company, sports, travel, vehicle, science and other niche magazines can be crafted online. In addition, you can go the opposite way with Avision and also generate a general news page. Whatever fresh you’re planning to put in, you can do it with the Avision template. Unique web design for your project does fantastic stuff. It makes it really attractive to the eye, turning your random visitors into readers that come back. Once you start browsing your Avision-based page, he or she instantly starts craving more of what you’re doing.

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Magazine - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Build a news page today with our wonderful free website template online magazine. It is driven by the Bootstrap Framework, which guarantees that you are responsive and simple. Magazine, as for the latter, is simple to work with and fast to edit and adapt to your requirements. Magazine is here to take care of the internet presence regardless of the subject of your news site. It might be fashion, food, travel, general news or something super niche, we’ve got a tool to assist you get your project started quickly. Drop-down menu, wealthy sidebar and footer widget, Instagram feed and Google Maps working contact page, Magazine is the template for bringing your content right in front of your crowd.

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TheGazette - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

The Gazette is a website template feature-rich free responsive magazine. You scarcely realize that because of the premium-like features, the site skin is accessible at no extra cost. There’s a lot going on as far as the Gazette model is concerned. The best concept, however, is how strong it is when you check the live preview. Full-wide carousel slider, stock ticker, news break, newsletter subscription widget and clean web design create TheGazette a great free template. TheGazette already has places for banner advertisements that you can use immediately when it comes to monetizing your internet magazine.

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TechNews - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Technews is a easy, clean, minimalist, extremely professional, lightweight, coded, search engine-optimized, browser-compatible, mobile-friendly and responsive HTML5 Magazine Website Template For Technology News Portal. The website template for tech news is a great instrument enabling you to easily generate news, newspaper, and review website for technology. It comes all-inclusive to effectively run tech magazine. Hot news, top rated news, famous news, category news, striking social follower buttons, rating reviews, most commented news, editor corner, space advertisements, reader corners, and much more.

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NewspaperX - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

A easy WordPress magazine theme appropriate for websites like fashion, technology, food, lifestyle, new vehicles, gamin and much more. Newspaper-X is a free theme that you can use without restrictions for private and commercial use.

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Editorial Mag

Editorial-Mag - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Editorialmag is an ultra-fast, tidy and best-responsive free WordPress magazine, specially intended for magazine, newspaper, news portals and websites in editorial style. It comes with the flat, minimalist, magazine-style homepage design with the recent messages and post banner slider, and various custom design widget layouts. Amazing design for categories, tags, multi-sidebar archive pages and ads, widgets. The theme has 9 + distinct drag and drop widget and 10 + widget area allowing you to add as many sections as you want with distinct beautifully designed website layouts. Editorialmag theme is fully customized, allowing you to customize most of them.

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Newslite - 42+ Best Free News Website Templates [year]

Newslite, A clean and responsive WordPress theme magazine that has a lovely design to assist you launch a professional-looking magazine / news website. For any magazine niche like tech, politics, sports, games, fashion, etc., it can be used. You can optimize your website through customizer with the multiple and flexible features and you wouldn’t have to write any single code. The theme has responsive design, drag and drop choices, enable / disable settings, so your website’s content on any smart device will look elegant.

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