20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates

20+ BEST Bootstrap Admin Templates

Creating a knowledgeable trying dashboard for your website or app needn’t be a big-ticket. due to this assortment of the simplest free Bootstrap Admin Templates, you must be ready to realize an acceptable computer program (UI) toolkit for your project. All of those tools embrace a minimum of one pre-built dashboard homepage example which will be made-to-order and used because of the foundation for your own project. whereas making your custom dashboard, you’ll be able to make a choice from the choice of elements, elements, and cards offered within the example packs.

Adding charts, graphics, buttons, alerts, and tables area unit just a few of the options you’ll be able to boost your admin pages. Some templates embrace animation effects and alternative UI parts to assist create your dashboard a lot of engaging. They’re conjointly all mobile responsive so that they ought to work on massive and tiny screen displays. However, due to the net demos, you’ll be able to strive for them for yourself on your alternative devices to examine if they meet your necessities.

Many of those free dashboard templates are offered as a paid product with further options and practicality on providing to those with cash to pay. due to this, if the requirements of your project grow or your budget will increase in the future, you’ll have a transparent upgrade path offered to you. However, if your project demands a lot of capable possibility from the first, make certain to visualize out our assortment of the simplest premium Bootstrap admin templates.

For those obtaining started tho’, this assortment of the simplest free admin templates can assist you to launch your project with none money investment needed.


CoreUI is a free Bootstrap admin template that will help you create stylish yet functional user interfaces. Whatever type of project you’re working on, there’s a good chance the free CoreUI template could be a good match. Not only does CoreUI work with a wide variety of libraries, including Laravel, Angular, and React, but is also has a thoroughly modern design and appearance.

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36 - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates

Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Light Bootstrap Dashboard has been designed to assist you in launching your own custom admin panel. Like many of the free Bootstrap admin templates featured here, there is a Pro version of Light Bootstrap Dashboard available should you need access to more features and functionality.

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37 - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates


Lumino provides you with a set of mobile responsive templates that are ready to be customized for your project.

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38 - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates

Material Dashboard

Material Dashboard is an admin template that has been inspired by the Google approach to user interface design. If you choose the Material Dashboard template for your project, not only will your admin area be featuring some of the best practices in user interface design from Google, but you’ll also get access to a great set of tools to help you give your dashboard a custom look.

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material-dashboard-free-bootstrap-admin-template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates

Ample Admin

Ample Admin is the free-to-use version of the popular Ample Admin Pro bootstrap admin template.

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Ample-Admin-Lite-Dashboard-Admin-Template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates

Paper Dashboard

Paper Dashboard is a popular free Bootstrap admin template that can be easily customized. Despite being a free dashboard template, Paper Dashboard has a premium quality design. The good mix of colors and fonts will help give your admin area a highly professional look.  The overall design and layout is spacious, giving your cards plenty of room to breathe and helping your users to easily see everything they need to.

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Paper-Dashboard-FREE-BOOTSTRAP-ADMIN-TEMPLATE - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates


Edmin has a good selection of dashboard features and templates to help you add an admin area to your project. From the main admin dashboard template, your logged in visitors can view any charts you’d like to add to this area. You can also add interactive tables representing your data that your users can filter and search.

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Edmin-Bootstrap-Admin-Template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates


Klorofil has a clean design that also manages to offer an inspiring selection of templates for your user dashboard. While the design of Klorofil is focused on delivering a clean and uncluttered user interface, it’s not a template that could be described as boring or imaginative. Overall, the design of this admin template takes the flat UI approach. However, the minimal shading of the panels will help to add some character to any dashboard built with Klorofil.

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Klorofil-Free-Bootstrap-Admin-Dashboard-Template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates


Brilliant has a simple design that can be invigorated thanks to the included animation effects. With a set of optional animation effects to make use of, Brilliant gives you a straightforward way to add some movement to your dashboard, especially when rendering charts and graphs.

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Brilliant-Free-Bootstrap-Admin-Template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates

Matrix Admin

Matrix Admin is another feature-rich Bootstrap admin template that’s completely free for use on personal and commercial projects. If you open up the live preview of Matrix Admin, you’ll quickly see that this admin template has been inspired by the metro design style.

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Matrix-Admin-Dashboard-Template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates

Modular Admin

Modular Admin has been created to help you build a modular admin dashboard area for your project. If you’re keen to use open source tools for your project, then Modular Admin certainly fits the bill in that regard.

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Modular-Admin-Free-Dashboard-Bootstrap-Template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates


MaterialPro is the lite version of the premium MaterialPro Admin Pro Bootstrap admin template. If you’re looking around for free admin template with a good set of features, MaterialPro lite could be it. As the name suggests, the overall appearance of this dashboard template is based on the Google Material Design concept. .

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MaterialPro-Lite-Free-Material-Design-Admin-Template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates


Shoppy is a free dashboard template with a strong focus on ecommerce related projects. The default Shoppy configuration and layout will give you or your users a great insight into your app or online store. With widgets presenting the number of registered users and daily visitors on the main dashboard, you can instantly display some key metrics with this free dashboard UI kit.

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Shoppy-Ecommerce-Admin-Panel-Template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates


Target achieves a fully modern look thanks to being inspired by the Google Material Design handbook. Built with Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3, Target offers clean and developer-friendly code to ensure you’re able to customize this free admin template as much as necessary. However, thanks to the great looking layouts and templates, Target provides a good starting point for your app or website dashboard area.

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Target-Free-Bootstrap-Admin-Template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates

Monster Admin

Monster Admin is an impressive free Bootstrap admin template that is the lite version of the popular Monster Admin Pro.

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Monster-Admin-Lite-Free-Dashboard-Template- - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates


TemplateVamp has a classic look and a set of templates that are loaded with useful widgets and panels. If you’re not a big fan of the popular Google Material Design style, then TemplateVamp could be a good option. The traditional font choices make this a free Bootstrap admin template that’s ideal for a range of apps and other online projects.

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TemplateVamp-FREE-Admin-Template-1 - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates

Robust Lite

Robust takes its cues from the Material Design handbook, at least in terms of the appearance of this free set of dashboard templates. The design of Robust is certainly modern and fully up to date. The colors all work well together, while the minimal shading that’s applied to the cards helps break up some of the monotony that totally flat UI kits can suffer from.

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AdminBSB features a colorful design by default but you can easily customize the appearance to match your project. The free AdminBSB Bootstrap dashboard kit is based on the popular Material Design style from Google. However, in contrast to some of the other Material Design inspired admin templates, AdminBSB has a bold and colorful appearance. Tiles with solid background colors are in use on the main demo, ensuring your dashboard area will stand out and create a memorable impression on your users.

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AdminBSB-free-bootstrap-admin-template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates


Minimal combines a stylish flat interface design with a useful set of admin dashboard features. If you want to ensure your custom admin dashboard has a premium look, then this free Bootstrap admin template could help. From the moving icons on the sidebar menu to the animated graphs, Minimal includes lots of visual effects for you to make use of.

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Minimal-Admin-Panel-Flat-Bootstrap-Template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates


Colored sticks to the tried and tested flat UI design but adds lots of color to keep your admin pages looking interesting. The free Colored Bootstrap template is a great choice if your project demands a bright and vibrant set of admin pages. Whether you’re designing the dashboard for your latest web app or software program, Colored is well worth checking out.

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Colored-Flat-Bootstrap-Admin-Panel-Template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates


DashGum has everything you should need to launch a custom admin panel for your online service or app. With a pre-built dashboard homepage that includes many of the best features of DashGum, you’ll have a good foundation to work from. Whether you simply want to rearrange the core DashGum components or create your own custom layout, this is a flexible free admin template. Some of the UI elements you can use include progress bars with optional animated designs, alert panels, badges, buttons, labels, and icons. There’s also a good selection of panel styles too.

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DashGum-Free-Admin-Dashboard-Template - 20+ BEST Free Bootstrap Admin Templates