36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning 2021

36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning

Courses on e-learning change the face of schooling. Websites are certainly the strong link between these online courses and the learners. WordPress is a tool that can be used to create any kind of website, even e-learning academic websites. So we’ve gathered some Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning in this post that will help you to easily create the website of an online course.


WordPress-Themes-e-Learning - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Based on our experience of developing LMS with our previous WordPress Themes e-Learning is the next step and one of the strongest WordPress themes today, featuring all of eLearning WP’s power but with a stronger UI / UX. This WordPress educational theme is built on the basis of the #1 LMS plugin on the LearnPress (also established by ThimPress) official WordPress plugins list. With a super friendly Ui and full eLearning apps, Education WP theme gives you the greatest LMS experience ever.

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Course - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

The WordPress Themes e-Learning is a multi-purpose, high-quality eLearning WordPress LMS (Learning Management System) to create and manage your own online course platform for educators, instructors, learning centers, colleges, universities. The versatility and power of this theme will allow you to create beautiful online courses, share your worldwide knowledge and earn some income by selling them

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University-1 - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

WordPress Themes e-Learning at the University is good for educational institutes, conferences, classes, and even learning management system, business and shopping.

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Education - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

WordPress Masterstudy Education Learning Management System (LMS) theme is driven by the plugin MasterStudy Pro. No secret fees! This theme also includes the MasterStudy Pro plugin

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Skilled - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Create a world-class WordPress and Skilled University, School, College or Academic website in no time, with no coding required. Skilled students have been carefully designed and developed to create and sell online courseware for a wide variety of scholastic applications.

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Invent - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Invent is a modern look and feel learning theme, built to meet the needs of schools/colleges/universities. This is the product of intensive research and their criteria of countless real websites for educational institutions.

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Education Pack

Education-Pack - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Education Pack is great for creating a website for education for any learning company related to education, teaching and learning and setting up your page in just a few steps. Thanks to the many educational examples that include colleges, design schools, language schools, training programs, music schools, dance academies and driving schools, you can choose the best design that best suits your educational needs.

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Lincoln - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Lincoln is a special WordPress theme that uses Education & Learning Centers content layout. While it’s great for educational organizations like University, College, Online Course & Training Center, it’s still versatile enough to be used for business website and online creative agencies. To fine-tune Lincoln, we have done a deep research within the industry. And we know exactly what’s going on.

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eLearning WP

eLearning-WP - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

As one of the best LMS themes for WordPress, eLearning WP uses LearnPress, a plugin developed by ThimPress itself. While being free, this WordPress LMS plugin is extensive, constructed seriously and continuously developed and sponsored. The WordPress LMS plugin–with a bunch of free and optional add-ons, LearnPress is sponsored. That means WordPress theme for LMS –WP eLearning ha

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EducationPress - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Hi our all-new WordPress theme for EducationPress. EducationPress is a template that is perfectly suited to schools, universities, academies, educational centers and anyone in need of a powerful system of learning management (LMS). The theme was built from the ground up with the sole purpose of being the one-stop solution for offering the best LMS experience and being the best theme for WordPress learning.

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WPLMS - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

WPLMS is the LMS for WordPress. It is a WordPress management system for enterprise grade reading. It’s a complete system with “all” any modern LMS features. Based on BuddyPress and WooCommerce, it offers the best of social sites and eCommerce. From Fortune 500 businesses to several thousand successful educational start-ups around the world, WPLMS is the number one option for you

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Scrate - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Top-notch WordPress education theme that can turn into a fantastic learning management framework for those trying to obtain just the best knowledge. This model will become an unrivaled solution for creating a website where people can find whatever online courses they want and get distant education right from their homes ‘ comfort. Scrate has a search feature that allows you to scan for o

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Academy - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Academy is a perfect template for sharing your knowledge and selling it online. It’s not just a template, but a method of learning management that makes it easier for everyone to learn and teach online.

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LMS - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

LMS is a powerful learning management system WordPress theme offers amazing features to create online courses, instructor profiles, expanded user profiles, lesson management, quiz system, video hosting, ranking / rating system, questions system, attachments, course progress tracking, etc.

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Colead - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Speaker & Life Coach WordPress Theme (Coaching WP) is an outstanding, versatile and multifunctional WP platform for speakers, teachers, instructors, counselors, and coaches. The ultimate goal is to promote the marketing of presentations, programs and consultancies to the world by individuals and businesses in the coaching industry. The uniqueness of Coaching WP is due to its incredibly beautiful designs and easy to use.

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Polytechnic - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Polytechnic is a WordPress theme that is responsive, focused on education and students. It’s lovely, clean, and professional. We specifically built this theme for educational institutions, including easy-to-use live customizations and drag & drop builders. It can accommodate a lot–including a new member of the staff, an extended client

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Education Center

Education-Center - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Academic Center – WordPress theme for modern & conventional education. It is planned for both online and offline educational establishments. This works for: classes, pre-school, elementary school, high school, high school, and high school. Informal learning, school, college, university or academy

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Language School

Language-School - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Language School–WordPress Theme Courses & Learning Management System is a powerful tool for creating a platform for any website for classes, courses, training and other learning and education. The theme features functionality that will meet any reading, teaching and other educational needs, including incorporation of timetable, full support for plugin Calendar Events, support for plugin LearnPress. You

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UOCE - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

UOCE (College Education University) is a WordPress theme that is sleek, customizable, simple and transparent. The UOCE theme offers amazing features for your institute to create online classes, groups, activities, galleries and much more. The theme is a full course management platform where online courses such as course schedules, explanations, price choices and course features can be developed. It’s the one

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Eikra Education

Eikra-Education - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Eikra is a lightweight and contemporary WordPress theme perfectly designed for all kinds of educational centers. Designed with your class, college, university or training center in mind, this ultimate WordPress learning theme provides all you need for a complete online training center and LMS. Eikra uses LearnPress, the most common LMS plugin for WordPress, as it is packed in full

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Educatito - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Educatito is a clean and versatile Educatito Multiconcept Education & WordPress theme for Ultra Responsive & Retina Ready. This is a versatile theme with lots of customization options and settings, we’ve added a lot of design features and powerful features you’re going to love. Educatito | Multiconcept WordPress Theme Education & Classes is the perfect option for learning online, courses,

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Edubin - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Edubin is one of the best WordPress theme Education LMS for Selling Online Courses, University, College, College, Training Center, E-Learning & Other Institutes. Edubin is a comprehensive education platform with all functionalities and functionality. It is built with Elementor Page Builder drag and drop. By using this theme to construct the

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Academist - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

Academist is an ideal choice for all modern education & lms websites. You can also display all your events in a neat timetable overview since the theme is fully compatible with the amazing Events Calendar plugin. In one word, you get everything a modern education & lms website needs!

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iAcademy - 36+ Awesome WordPress Themes e-Learning [year]

This is iAcademy, a top-level theme for all types of schools, online lessons, lms, websites for online learning and education. Using the amazing set of course layouts of iAcademy, you can present all your courses and online lessons. In addition to this, the theme is fully compatible with bbPress plugin for making forums and the Events

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