38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates 2021

40+ Awesome WordPress News Templates 2021

When you create and curate a News Site, it’s all about design. Readers want the details they’re asking for to get right. We don’t want to get in their path by vague controls or a visually confusing GUI. That’s why it’s critical to choose the right theme for the job; there are plenty of badly designed news themes out there after all. The key features you need to look for when selecting a news theme can differ with the intent of your blog, but you will certainly want to pick a theme that prioritizes readability and navigation ease. You will also want to make sure that the topic is perfectly optimized for search engines, as readers only want the most relevant, up-to-date news content. Furthermore, if you want to monetize the platform, simple ad help is a must. We’ve compiled a list of some of the strongest WordPress News Templates out there to help you make the right decision. Let’s start with it!

Newsmag WordPress News Templates

WordPress-News-Templates - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

Newsmag is a new WordPress News Templates that makes it easy for you to write articles and blog posts. We are offering great support and polite assistance! For a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site, the Newsmag template is excellent. It also supports YouTube videos and includes a rating system. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and it is quick, simple and easy to use in addition to that. Additionally, News mag supports Google Ads and AdSense responsive.

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Newspaper - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

Use our WordPress News Templates to create a great news website. This topic is perfect for blogging and great for news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. It supports YouTube video. AMP and available for mobile phone. Compliant with GDPR, the theme is short, simple and easy to use for cryptocurrencies, apparel, food, lifestyle, urban, family, leisure, luxury, viral, trendy projects and more.

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Sahifa WordPress News Templates

Sahifa - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

Sahifa is one of the world’s most popular designs WordPress News Templates on the internet. This amazing product offers a lot of amazing features, each added to improve your web page. This manages to balance power and beauty, supplying both consumers with a high-quality browsing experience.

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The Issue

The-Issue - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

The best-selling and best-rated WordPress News Templates on ThemeForest driven by a quick setup process and easy interface to use.

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Prime News

Prime-News - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

Prime News is a modern news & magazine website theme and features multiple unique sections to display content from various sources. Use the Live Customizer to configure the configuration of the homepage and all the specifics of the theme in good time.

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MagPlus WordPress News Templates

MagPlus - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

MagPlus is a WordPress theme blog / magazine / newspaper that provides you with the resources you need to quickly write and edit posts. With several niches and occupations in mind-personal, skilled, authors, editorial and more-we carefully designed the theme.

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Newsmag Pro

Newsmag-Pro - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

Newsmag Pro is a flexible WordPress premium theme suitable for a wide range of websites. The striking modern design of Newsmag is perfect for everything from online magazines, news portals and even personal blogs.

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Herald - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

Herald is a modern WordPress theme designed and developed with careful consideration for news portals and magazine websites. With a fully responsive design that scales seamlessly across the devices of today, your content will look amazing on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

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NewsTimes - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

NewsTimes is a WordPress theme that is perfect, attractively designed and ultra responsive. NewsTimes loads incredibly fast with hand-written HTML5 and CSS3, and features SEO optimizations to help you rank higher. It also includes an integrated review system to write useful reviews.

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Grand News

Grand-News - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

Grand News is an instrument for developing news & editorial content. It provides clean and minimal WordPress theme responsive to editorial news and blogger news. Using the latest technology in WordPress and supporting various popular WordPress plugins. Grand News supports responsive layout so every device looks great. It has predefined unique demos that are specifically designed for news & editorial and many more that can be imported with a single click.

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Woohoo - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

No coding skills required! Woohoo WordPress theme comes with a powerful panel of Theme Options to help you manage / customize your website without difficulty or effort. Activate / Deactivate all options with a single click. We also included a comprehensive checklist / guide to cover the installation and choices of the theme.

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Independent - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

Independent is a generated style with more creative, cleverly designed, and rich magazine content. Any blog, news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site needs can be easily customized.

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Multinews - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

Multinews is premium news / magazine WordPress theme with very beautiful design, you can use Multinews for magazine, newspaper and blog, Multinews has many unique features like Flipping magazine, Beautiful mega menus, lots of layout options, Ajax Live search, Author timeline, popular integrated plugins (Woocommerce, bbPress, buddypress, geo directory, userpor, Ubermenu, Ad Rotate, MailPoet News).

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Legatus - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

Legatus is a WordPress theme for forums, newspapers, publishing or review pages that is tidy, sensitive and ready for retina. It uses best clean SEO techniques, and it’s fast, simple and easy to use on top of that. Legatus also supports ads from Google, AdSense and RTL.

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MH Magazine

MH-Magazine - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

MH WordPress Theme magazine is the great solution for online magazines, news websites, professional blogs and other related editorial projects. Present your content, images and videos in the most attractive way and create fashion, travel, lifestyle, glamor or any other editorial website you can imagine online magazines.

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TheGem - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

The Gem is a flexible, sensitive, high-performance WordPress theme with a sleek creative design to fit a multitude of creative uses for creating websites. Designed and built as the ultimate web development toolbox for design elements, styles & apps, TheGem can help you build an amazing, high-performance website in minutes, without touching a line of code. Don’t waste your time on coding

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PenNews - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

PenNews is PenciDesign’s strong WordPress theme. This theme allows you to create a new site with great designs in such a short time through drag and drop. We also provide you with great support and polite assistance. For every reason, you can use this theme – create things like the way you love.

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Jannah - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

Jannah has content marketing protected with fresh digital formats, fantastic new apps, complete1-click website tutorials & free upgrades for lifetime. Jannah takes a fresh look at the world of desktop publishing in today’s modern era of content marketing and turns it onto her ear with beautiful architecture, fresh interface choices, innovative networking options and combining most common WordPress plugins for maximum flexibility.

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Voice - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

Voice is a sensitive WordPress magazine / blog style developed with awareness of news / magazine / editorial websites. It comes packed with functionality for your eCommerce specifications like WooCommerce integration, and bbPress to develop a successful website for the group or social networks.

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NewsPaper2 - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

NewsPaper is a stunning and elegant WordPress theme built for content-rich websites. NewsPaper is ideal for blogs that frequently post through multiple categories to connect their followers with trends and new sorting apps, media rich features and multiple post formats.

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Newsbeat - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

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The Voux

The-Voux - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

The Voux was designed with utmost attention to detail. Inside you’ll find five beautifully crafted homepage types to easily get you up and running, with no coding to do. Of course, with the industry standard best Page Builder, Visual Composer included in your order, you can simply create your own. The Voux, of course, is fully responsive to today’s devices and will scale even on Retina Ready Screens with pixel perfection.

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WordX - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

To blogs and online magazines WordX is a stunning and technical style. This is the best style for content-rich HD picture pages, and will guarantee you can compete with the top players in your niche. Fully sensitive with numerous apps and customization options for mobile devices, WordX can catapult the company to new heights.

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15Zine - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

15Zine is a cutting edge WordPress theme newsletter planned for 2017 and beyond. 15Zine is an incredibly flexible WordPress Newspaper framework out of the box with an advanced review system of infinite criteria / pros / cons rendering it a strong review theme–You can use the exclusive and efficient 15zine homepage drag and drop designer to construct modern design templates on the homepage.

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GoodLife - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

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Newsroom - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

Hello to Newsroom, a format for popular news magazines! Newsroom is a style for you if you want to create a website of almost everything for your newspaper. Packed with 6 unique homepages and a large set of classic newspaper layouts, Newsroom suits journalists and publishers perfectly. This theme also lets you add stunning galleries of images, videos and audio files to your articles. Get today’s Newsroom and share news like a pro!

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NewsPost - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

NewsPost app is a WordPress theme in the limited News magazine. Newspost delivers the material to your media in a well-formatted way. Using the custom color scheme editor, the NewsPost theme allows you to express your brand, so you can make your presence felt to your public. This theme presents your content in a way that allows your readers to browse easily through the valuable content you have to offer them. We manually craft every single pixel of the element, which is why they look so professional.

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NewsPlus - 38+ Awesome WordPress News Templates [year]

NewsPlus is a great choice for e journal, online newspaper, travel blog, food recipe blog, fashion magazine, personal blog or forum reviews and editorials. It comes with built-in design app support such as BuddyPress, bbPress community, WooCommerce, TablePress, WPML and much more.

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