36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes 2021

36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes Easy To Use For Starters

With all the stylish bells & whistles present in the web design business, it’s hard not to include anything on the website. When you feel overwhelmed by the possibilities, get motivated by doing less to do more. If your website never fails your target, the collection of lightweight and easy-to-use Minimalist WordPress Themes for starters can be helpful. In reality, things aren’t all that simple when it comes to finding the right solution. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and we’ve chosen some of the finest streamlined and easy-to-use WordPress themes here.


Minimalist-WordPress-Themes - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Rhodes – is an elegant fresh & clean Minimalist WordPress Themes for multi-purpose business. It’s beautiful for any business & business website. It is ideal for law firms, financial firms, portfolio, tax consulting, accounting services, planning strategies.

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Vagabonds - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Vagabonds is an elegant, modern and sensitive Minimalist WordPress Themes. Write travel posts, tales, lifestyle news, have a travel blog or entertainment blog if you’re an author or blogger–share your story or life style with Vagabonds! It also works for a personal travel channel, a viral forum. It suits campaign blogs for media, technical journal, blogs for niches, etc.

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Gutentype-1 - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Gutentype is a clean, fresh, Gutenberg-based Minimalist WordPress Themes blog. It’s perfect for blog posting guests, rouge blogs, niche blogs, giver blogs, viral blogs, gifts, guides & forums how-to. This also suits homer, the tell-all, business, cryptocurrency, professional, reverse, writer and news from around the world.

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Deviox - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Deviox – sensitive sleek & trendy WordPress theme for multi-purpose company with clean and fresh model. For any corporate website or business blog, it is a perfect solution. It has a solid business design and excellent choices for layout.

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Rosalinda - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Rosalinda is a sensitive, modern and beautiful WordPress blog and healthy lifestyle magazine. It is designed for a blogger of health coaches, nutritionists, healthy foods and lifestyles, healthy cooking and recipes.

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Artrium - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Artrium is a sleek, intuitive and easy-to-use WordPress business theme best suited for contemporary web design studios and creative agencies, portfolio of web designers, marketing offices and advertising companies, electronic & graphic design, website creation, etc.

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Revirta - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Revirta is an elegant and fashionable WordPress business theme. It is ideal for virtual personal assistant, consultant, secretaries, supervisors, people who provide remote or digital secretary administrative support. Also the pure corporate design of the theme gives you maximum flexibility, and if you want to get more creative in building your website, you can add more layouts using the most popular WP Bakery Pag

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Vixus - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Vixus is a modern and strong WordPress Mobile Application Theme with a sophisticated interface for contemporary web applications and mobile apps.

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Welsh Corgi

Welsh-Corgi - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Welsh Corgi is the WordPress theme for cutest, cleanest & new animal care ever! To pet breeders, dog grooming service, dog sale business, as well as puppy and cat lovers, it will come in handy. It is also good for animal centres, dog training classes, kennels, veterinary clinics, dog shows, dog shows, dog trials, dog clubs, pet care, puppy care, animal sales, dog therapy, adoption

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ProStart - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Stylish & Trendy WordPress theme ProStart is designed to help you launch a new & clean professional website and kick-start your private business or business. Regardless of where your business works (web design lab, marketing agency, advertising office, architectural and interior design company, etc.), ProStart is just something you need to improve your income.

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Crown - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Crown is an HTML template that is responsive. Designed Modern and minimalist template, available in six color option, Crown comes with unique, fresh, easy to customize design layout. Crown is packed with useful showcases to showcase your creative work to customers and customers

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MOT - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

MOT is a streamlined model for any type of organization. The model is beautifully built so it looks sleek and smooth. It is flexible and can therefore be used for many reasons, such as portfolios, companies, freelancers, creative team, designers, professionals, and much more.

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Impacto - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Impacto is a multi-page portfolio of retina ready for creative, designer, photographer and other artists to showcase. Features a sidebar to make navigation easier to set apart from the other One Page sites!

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WordPress Minimalist Portfolio Theme

WordPress-Minimalist-Portfolio-Theme - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

The Forester WordPress Portfolio theme can save you a lot with its impressive saturating typography and unique lines. With the hundreds of new features added to the WPBakery Page Builder, creating the pages you like will be much easier and faster. The WordPress Multipurpose Creative Theme Forester Best Rated may be the template you’re looking for, you can look at the preview now.

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CZOR - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

CZOR is a theme of minimal and traditional e-commerce shops. It was designed for your watch shop, men’s shop, women’s shop, clothing store, furniture shop, bookshop, cosmetics shop, luxury jewelry and accessories store

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Genova - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Genova is a development model based on content. It covers all the secondary data (widgets) but shows them on request (using jQuery, mouse over or tab on a touch screen). More is the design philosophy on which the model is based. With that idea, it has become one of the most minimalist but well-equipped WordPress themes in this store at the same time. It can be used for a shot,

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Read - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Read is a responsive template with a minimalist design that focuses on readability.

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Breeze - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Breeze is a beautiful, sensitive theme designed to make it as simple and easy as possible for your blogging experience. You will easily reach all your readers wherever they are with superb visual design and great support for mobile and tablet phones!

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Better - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Better is a minimalist & company theme! Characterized by sheer simplicity, loaded with many high-quality features such as shortcodes, design constructors, theme choices, sliders, it can be the perfect solution for your online portfolio

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Minera - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

In a powerful eCommerce platform, WooCommerce, Minera Theme launches your online store with a stunning website. You can make as many combinations as you like. It is a clean and elegant design that is suitable for the sale of cloth, furniture store, plant shop, ornaments, and many other accessories. Minera is able to manage all sorts of websites and provides innovative business solutions thanks to its

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Notumn - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Notumn is a WordPress theme designed specifically for creative bloggers that is sleek, elegant and minimal. It offers tidy, clutter-free and beautiful minimalist designs that make your content look great on any computer. It is ideal for personal, fashion, photography, travel, lifestyle, food and magazine blogs etc

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Vulcan - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Vulcan HTML template is built in the Modern and Minimalist style of this template equipment with the latest web technology including Sass for versatile and easy customization. I come with responsive layout that looks amazing on every phone, optimizing page speed quality as well as being SEO friendly.

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Aeolus - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Aeolus is a template specially designed based on the Metro design style, some of its great features are high contrast and flat colors. Aeolus is very suitable for portfolios, businesses, businesses and websites of any kind

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Famita-1 - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Famita is a WordPress theme for traditional and minimalist eCommerce with due attention to detail. It was designed for your furniture store, clothing store, virtual store, watch store, men’s store, women’s store, cosmetics store, pharmacy, high-tech store, and so on. Famita theme supports you with many great tools to enable features through the use of Theme Options.

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Supro - 36+ Awesome Minimalist WordPress Themes [year]

Supro is a clean and minimal WordPress AJAX WooCommerce theme for online shopping. Supro will make your online store look more impressive and appealing to viewers with minimal design and emphasis on items. Help increase the high rate of conversation to purchase a product so quickly with your customers. The design is appropriate for many e-commerce websites, such as clothing stores, furniture shops and decorations.

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